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Jane Healey was inspired to write The Saturday Evening Girls Club after learning of the group’s history while researching an article on their namesake pottery, also known as Paul Revere Pottery. She became fascinated by the relatively unknown stories of these smart, sassy, enterprising young immigrant women living in Boston’s North End at the turn of the twentieth century.

In addition to being a fiction writer, Jane is a freelance journalist and consultant. Jane holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of New Hampshire and a master’s degree from Northeastern University. She shares a home north of Boston with her husband, two daughters, and two cats. When she’s not writing, she enjoys running, reading, and cooking.

Genres: Historical
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Jane Healey recommends
A Tangled Mercy (2017)
Joy Jordan-Lake
"Joy Jordan-Lake’s A Tangled Mercy is an incredibly compelling and meticulously researched historical novel that will have you thinking about it long after you turn the last page. The dual narrative interweaves the story of Harvard grad student Kate Drayton’s journey to Charleston, South Carolina, to find answers about her deceased mother’s troubled past, with the little known but fascinating story of the Charleston slave uprising of 1822. It is a powerful and culturally relevant tale that should be on everyone’s must-read list this year."
Bittersweet Brooklyn (2018)
Thelma Adams
"A gorgeously written and gritty American immigrant tale about broken homes and broken hearts, and how the sins within a family can reverberate across generations. Riveting!"
A Fire Sparkling (2019)
Julianne MacLean
"Julianne MacLean’s A Fire Sparkling is a beautiful, sweeping tale about love, courage, family secrets, and forgiveness that is impossible to put down."
Spitfire (2020)
(Livy Nash Mystery, book 1)
M L Huie
"Meticulously researched with a twisty, compelling plot and a heroine that you root for from the first page, Spitfire combines all the elements of great historical fiction."
Toward the Midnight Sun (2020)
Eoin Dempsey
"A gorgeously written novel that has all the elements of terrific historical fiction: adventure, romance, danger, and an unforgettable heroine, as well as a unique and beautifully depicted setting—in this case, the breathtaking, untamed terrain of the Yukon during the Klondike Gold Rush. I can’t recommend it enough!"
Heatstroke (2020)
Hazel Barkworth
"Fevered and claustrophobic."
The Kew Gardens Girls (2020)
(Kew Garden, book 1)
Posy Lovell
"The Kew Gardens Girls is a delightful story about women from very different backgrounds who end up working together at London’s Kew Gardens during WWI, taking on the jobs of the men who have gone to war. The ‘Girls’ form fast friendships and something like a surrogate family. With beautifully well-drawn characters that you root for from the beginning, and interesting historical details about both the Suffragette movement and Kew Gardens during WWI, this is a poignant, heartwarming read that I highly recommend!"
We Came Here to Shine (2020)
Susie Orman Schnall
"Susie Orman Schnall’s WE CAME HERE TO SHINE offers readers a perfect escape. It’s the absolutely delightful story of Vivi and Max, two young women who are chasing their dreams at the 1939 World’s Fair in New York City. This novel beautifully illustrates the importance of female friendships and how, at certain times in life, they can help you be strong enough to live the life you’ve always imagined. In many ways, the third fascinating character in this book is the 1939 World’s Fair itself, as Schnall’s lush descriptions of the fair’s pavilions and amusements leap off of the page. I cannot recommend it enough!"
Fast Girls (2020)
Elise Hooper
"Fast Girls by Elise Hooper is my favorite type of historical novel, as it brings to light a lesser known story of incredible women...Fast Girls is rich in historical detail and so compelling, I rooted for ‘the girls’ all the way through and found the novel impossible to put down."
Red Mistress (2020)
Elizabeth Blackwell
"Elizabeth Blackwell’s fascinating Red Mistress is the story of Nadia Shulkina, who must reinvent herself in the wake of the Russian Revolution when her family loses everything. With breathtaking historical detail and vividly drawn characters, Red Mistress is a compelling tale, a perfect blend of daring, intrigue, and romance. I loved this story!"
The Last of the Moon Girls (2020)
Barbara Davis
"The Last of the Moon Girls is a fantastic blend of mystery and magic, with the perfect dash of romance... a story of family and forgiveness and what it truly means to come home. From the first page to the last, I was riveted by the fascinating, heartbreaking story of the many generations of Moon girls - and, like all the best novels, I was sad when I turned the last page."
This Magnificent Dappled Sea (2020)
David Biro
"David Biro’s novel This Magnificent Dappled Sea is the beautifully rendered tale of Luca Taviano, a boy in a small Italian village who is diagnosed with leukemia, and his devoted nurse Nina Vocelli, who leads a Herculean effort to find a bone marrow donor that could save Luca’s life. This is a captivating, well-crafted story of family secrets, love, loss and forgiveness, and our inherent human connectedness."
Circus of Wonders (2021)
Elizabeth Macneal
"A glittering, begrimed tale of love and self-determination flush with richly detailed prose. Sumptuous, macabre, enthralling; a perfect slice of Victoriana."
The Prophet's Wife (2022)
Libbie Grant
"Libbie Grant's The Prophet's Wife is a captivating story about the origins of the Mormon church as told through the eyes of Emma Hale Smith, wife of the church's founder Joseph Smith. With meticulous attention to detail, Emma's fascinating and at times heartbreaking story is both timely and timeless, as it explores themes around marriage, faith and power, as well as the impossible choices women throughout history have been forced to make to survive."
December '41 (2022)
William Martin
"In William Martin's highly suspenseful historical thriller December '41, America is reeling after the bombing of Pearl Harbor, and U.S. law enforcement at all levels understand that the Nazi threat is not just overseas. This is a gripping cat and mouse tale that follows a seasoned Nazi tracker as he races across the country, from glamorous, gritty Hollywood to the bustling streets of war time D.C, to try and catch a seasoned Nazi assassin before he can achieve his most critical mission - killing FDR. December '41 is the ultimate page turner, I loved it!"
Two Wars and a Wedding (2023)
Lauren Willig
"Brilliant...historical fiction at its absolute finest - with an intricately woven plot, vivid historical details, and complex female characters that you cannot help but root for from the start."

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