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Hollie Hutchins

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Born and raised near Pacific Grove in California, where only about 15000 souls live, found Hollie Hutchins Her passion in writing since she was just nine. She would write odd short stories about fantastic beings or plays she would enact with her friends, where she was always captured by some sort of beast. In these stories, there was no Prince Charming, only dragons and werewolves that were both scary and fascinating.

As she grew older she dwelled into more adult topics. She learned about the fun and fire of steamy romance novels, where the peculiar traits of her favorite characters made them dangerously alluring, physically and psychologically. Today these characters are like people inside her head. They that won’t leave her alone until she gives them life. And even though she is the only one writing, Fifty* is always there to assist with inspiration.

Genres: Paranormal Romance