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Ike Hamill writes fast-paced horror novels with strong, relatable characters. Since 2011 his books have gained a steady following amongst readers who enjoy his blend of sci-fi, paranormal, occult, and suspense. His first series, "The Hunting Tree," became popular enough for Ike to leave his day job and focus entirely on writing. Since that series, Ike's popularity has grown, with "Extinct" becoming his most-read book to date. In some of his books, Ike takes on the entire world. With his recent book, "Migrators," Ike presents a story that focuses on a small family.

In either setting, Ike draws compelling characters whom readers are sad to leave behind when the book is finished. Reviewers compare Ike to Dean Koontz and Stephen King--two of his favorite authors. His narrative often jumps between interwoven stories, presenting readers with a fresh perspective and keeping them guessing until the last chapter. Join Ike's mailing list at www.ikehamill.com and he'll send you a free copy of his next book. Most of Ike's readers are repeat customers. Pick up one of his books to learn why.

Genres: Science Fiction, Horror
   1. Extinct (2013)
   2. Instinct (2014)
   3. Black Friday (2015)
   4. Distinct (2017)
   5. Succinct (2019)