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Karen Hamilton spent her childhood in Angola, Zimbabwe, Belgium and Italy and worked as a flight attendant for many years. Karen is a recent graduate of the Faber Academy, and having now put down roots in Hampshire to raise her young family with her husband, she satisfies her wanderlust by exploring the world through her writing.

Genres: Mystery
Karen Hamilton recommends
The Devil's Claw (2017)
(Jennifer Dorey Mystery, book 1)
Lara Dearman
"A gripping thriller set in Guernsey. I loved it!"
In the Wake (2018)
Helen Trevorrow
"I loved all the twists and action, and the tension as events spiral out of control."
The Tall Man (2018)
Phoebe Locke
"Brilliant, chilling and compelling. I can't stop thinking about it!"
The Rival (2018)
Charlotte Duckworth
"A compelling, addictive read... I absolutely loved it."
The Hunting Party (2018)
Lucy Foley
"A brilliant, addictive, claustrophobic read. I could almost feel the icy snow and the raw sense of isolation . . . fantastically chilling."
Blood & Sugar (2019)
Laura Shepherd-Robinson
"There is so much I could say about this gripping and original book as I absolutely loved it and will be recommending it to everyone! I felt as though I could envisage every scene and was swept along with the vivid, strong characters. I kept thinking one more chapter... one more... and if I didn't have three children to look after I would've read it through in one night!"
Beautiful Bad (2019)
Annie Ward
"Utterly gripping and thrillingly original - I loved the unique settings. Cannot recommend this book highly enough."
The Hidden Wife (2019)
Amanda Reynolds
"Loved The Hidden Wife. Brilliantly atmospheric, thrilling and creepy."
The Lost Child (2019)
Emily Gunnis
"A truly brilliant and moving read. I loved it."
Safe House (2019)
Jo Jakeman
"So much atmosphere and tension...Gripping, tense and chillingly claustrophobic!"
To Keep You Safe (2019)
Kate Bradley
"An original and addictive page-turner. Gripping, thought-provoking, tense and highly recommended."
Grace is Gone (2020)
Emily Elgar
"Full of intrigue, suspense and rising tension. A beautifully written, gripping, suspenseful read."
The Memory Wood (2020)
Sam Lloyd
"The Memory Wood is impossible to put down. It's so wonderfully written, creepily atmospheric and chilling."
Our Dark Secret (2020)
Jenny Quintana
"Bittersweet, full of growing menace, yet poignant and full of longing . . . Fans of The Missing Girl will fall in love with this!"
All in Her Head (2020)
Nikki Smith
"I thought this was wonderfully written and that Nikki captured perfectly those very early and confusing days of motherhood. The conflicting emotions and the never-quite-sure what is really going on was expertly handled and really quite haunting. Overall, a cleverly written, haunting and compelling book. It drew me in and had me immediately gripped."
The Broken Ones (2020)
Ren Richards
"I loved the mystery... cleverly written, intriguing and twisty."
The Murder Game (2020)
(Stephanie King, book 2)
Rachel Abbott
"Fantastic and gripping - I loved the intriguing concept and the brilliantly atmospheric Cornish setting."
Sister Dear (2020)
Hannah Mary McKinnon
"Sister Dear drew me in, had me hooked and I was never really sure what to expect or who to trust. I thought it was dark, twisty, compelling and also heartbreaking. Unputdownable."
The Safe Place (2020)
Anna Downes
"Tense and atmospheric with the seemingly idyllic, yet eerie, setting. A truly gripping read."
Someone's Listening (2020)
Seraphina Nova Glass
"Unputdownable. I found myself suspecting everyone at some point. Twisty, original and a must-read—highly suspenseful and cleverly written."
People Like Her (2021)
Ellery Lloyd
"Suspenseful, thought-provoking, clever, and I suspected everyone. The insights into human nature were spot-on, the characters felt true to life and I was genuinely gripped . . . A truly brilliant and a refreshingly original read."
Shiver (2021)
Allie Reynolds
"An absolutely gripping read and genuinely unputdownable. I also loved the insight into the competitive snowboarding world. I found it really fresh, thrilling and original with complex, believable characters."
The Imposter (2021)
Anna Wharton
"Evocative and compelling."
The House Guest (2021)
Charlotte Northedge
"Compelling, dark and twisted!"
The Therapist (2021)
Helene Flood
"Wonderfully creepy, twisty and compelling, with a rising sense of dread that will keep readers turning the pages right through to the unexpected ending."
Nice Girls (2021)
Catherine Dang
"A refreshingly original and intriguingly written mystery with a flawed, yet relatable protagonist at its heart. Nice Girls drew me in and I found it hard to put down as the tension rose to its I-didn’t-see-that-coming end. A highly recommended and brilliant read."
Safe at Home (2021)
Lauren North
"A wonderfully dark, addictive, intriguing and twisty read. I genuinely couldn't put it down."
The Mother Next Door (2021)
Tara Laskowski
"The Mother Next Door is a wonderfully creepy and sinister read which drew me in and kept me gripped as the web of lies and mysterious secrets from the past unravelled. Tense, twisty and intriguing. Readers definitely won't be able to put this down."
The Dictator's Wife (2022)
Freya Berry
"Engrossing, evocative, chillingly claustrophobic. Wonderfully written."
Watch Out for Her (2022)
Samantha M Bailey
"A cleverly written, twisty, and brilliantly creepy thriller. With compelling characters intertwined with obsession, lies, simmering menace, and secrets at its heart, this is a page-turner which drew me in and kept me hooked. A real must-read!"
Do No Harm (2022)
Jack Jordan
"Utterly gripping, addictive and brilliantly tense."
One of the Girls (2022)
Lucy Clarke
"I loved the vivid setting of the Greek island. I felt like I was there - hearing, smelling and tasting everything as the sense of unease and mystery expertly unfolded. An immersive, clever and compelling read."
Truly, Darkly, Deeply (2022)
Victoria Selman
"What a brilliant read. From the beginning, I was totally immersed . . . riveting and dark, yet so wonderfully written it also felt full of heart."

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