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Liz Curtis Higgs is an award-winning speaker, best-selling author, Bible teacher and radio personality, has inspired audiences worldwide.

Genres: Inspirational
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Liz Curtis Higgs recommends
The Fine Art of Insincerity (2011)
Angela Hunt
"Only Angela Hunt could write a relationship novel that's a page-turner!... Come spend the weekend in coastal Georgia with three women who clean house in more ways than one!"
Belonging (2011)
(Where The Heart Lives, book 1)
Robin Lee Hatcher
"Belonging is vintage Robin Lee Hatcher: a touching, tender love story, filled with genuine conflict and characters that quietly build a nest in your heart. A skillful blend of description, emotion, and spiritual reflection, Belonging will sweep you away to late nineteenth-century Idaho, glad to have a seasoned novelist driving your buckboard wagon with a sure hand. By story's end you'll no doubt sigh with relief, smile with delight, and turn back to page one for a second visit with our determined Miss K. Loved it!"
If I Were You (2020)
Lynn Austin
"If I Were You is a page-turning, nail-biting, heart-stopping gem of a story."
A Piece of the Moon (2021)
Chris Fabry
"A Piece of the Moon has it all. Quirky, endearing characters. A rich story arc full of surprises. Lines so funny you'll want to read them aloud to anybody within earshot. And a ten-der thread of redemption that runs from first page to last. Spending time with Waite and TD and Clay and Pidge and all the other folks in Emmaus was pure joy. The best novel I've read in ages."

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