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Shaun David Hutchinson lives with his partner and two dogs in South Florida and spends way too much time watching Doctor Who.

Genres: Young Adult Fiction, Children's Fiction, Young Adult Romance, Young Adult Fantasy
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Game on (2022)
15 Stories of Wins, Losses, and Everything in Between
edited by
Laura Silverman

Shaun David Hutchinson recommends
Calypso (2024)
Oliver K Langmead
"This is very cool. The story of an interstellar colony mission rendered as an epic poem, rich with imagery and allusion. And it looks lovely. I really enjoyed this."
Dark Moon, Shallow Sea (2023)
(Gods of Night and Day, book 1)
David R Slayton
"Dark Moon, Shallow Sea is as heartfelt as it is thrilling. A fantasy adventure rooted in compassion, the world building and lore are exquisite, and the characters are so real it hurts in the best way. I wanted to hug Raef, and I wouldn't even be mad if he picked my pockets. I have waited my whole life for an epic fantasy like this."
Monarch Rising (2022)
Harper Glenn
"Monarch Rising is both a heartbreaking reminder of our past and a chest-thumping rallying cry for the future, set in an impeccably built world populated by characters you'll ache for and root for and never want to let go. Harper Glenn has created something special with their debut. A story that demands to be read, a story that demands we not look away, a story that is engrossing, intriguing, and utterly irrepressible."

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