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USA flag (b.1973)

Maureen Johnson was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Like a lot of people who end up writing books, she was always reading. This paid off in the end, but also resulted in her not playing any sports, so she is spectacularly uncoordinated, and is easily injured by harmless household objects, like endtables.

She studied writing and theatrical dramaturgy at Columbia University. Before she could spend all her days writing, Maureen served up hamburgers in the company of mad scientists and talking skeletons in New York, tended bar in Piccadilly Circus, nervously worked alongside live tigers in Las Vegas, and once got mixed up with the entire cast of a major West End musical.

Maureen lives in New York City, and when she is not writing, spends her time in a relentless pursuit of the perfect cup of coffee. If you know where it is, get in touch with her at once.

Genres: Young Adult Fantasy, Young Adult Fiction, Young Adult Romance

Maureen Johnson recommends
Love, Meg (2007)
C Leigh Purtill
"If you've ever had a celebrity crush, you'll love Meg and her story will keep you guessing."
Anna and the French Kiss (2010)
(Anna and the French Kiss, book 1)
Stephanie Perkins
"Very romantic. You should date this book."
A Study in Charlotte (2016)
(Charlotte Holmes, book 1)
Brittany Cavallaro
"A thrilling twist on a classic. Readers will be pulled in by both the riveting mystery and Charlotte Holmes, a brilliant heroine with secrets of her own."
After the Fire (2017)
Will Hill
"It will keep you up late until you get to the very end."
The Lovely and the Lost (2019)
Jennifer Lynn Barnes
"A propulsive mystery-thriller about the dark things that happen in the woods. The Lovely and the Lost makes you feel the urgency of a search ad rescue, while laying the clues for a twisted crime. You will cling to this book until you reach the end."
If You, Then Me (2021)
Yvonne Woon
"A romantic mystery bound up with a thrilling peek behind the curtain at the dark workings of the social media and tech world. An electrifying page-turner."
Not Here to Be Liked (2021)
Michelle Quach
"A smart romance with heart and guts and all the intoxicating feelings in between."
Anatomy (2022)
(Anatomy Duology, book 1)
Dana Schwartz
"Diabolically delightful. A love story, a murder mystery, and a horror novel bound up together in ghoulish stitches."
Gideon Green in Black and White (2022)
Katie Henry
"Funny, mysterious, and full of noir goodness. I loved every moment of this novel."

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