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E.K. Johnston is a forensic archaeologist by training, a bookseller and author by trade, and a grammarian by nature.

She spends a great deal of time on the internet, because it is less expensive than going to Scotland.

She can probably tell you, to the instant, when she fell in love with any particular song, but don't ask her, because then it will be stuck in both of your heads.

Genres: Young Adult Fantasy, Science Fiction
Series contributed to
Mythopoeic Fantasy Award for Adult Literature Best Book nominee (2016) : A Thousand Nights

E K Johnston recommends
And I Darken (2016)
(Conquerors Saga, book 1)
Kiersten White
"Girls with teeth and priorities. I want to read this book forever."
Timekeeper (2016)
(Tmekeeper Trilogy , book 1)
Tara Sim
"With all the politics, intergenerational conflict, FEELINGS, and knives a girl could ask for, Tara Sim expertly weaves action, plot, and ensemble drama for a thrill ride that will keep you turning pages."
The Arsonist (2017)
Stephanie Oakes
"Layers of narrative, lies, and family legacy make for a compelling, exquisitely crafted story."
The Girl with the Red Balloon (2017)
(Balloonmakers, book 1)
Katherine Locke
"Blends magic and sci-fi for a gripping, heart-wrenching read."
Beasts Made of Night (2017)
(Beasts Made of Night, book 1)
Tochi Onyebuchi
"Tochi Onyebuchi has built a world as dark as it is bright, and filled it with character and consequence. Taj's city is deep, vibrant, and terrifying. I don't think I'd survive there, but I really need to know what happens next."
Unearthed (2018)
(Unearthed , book 1)
Amie Kaufman and Meagan Spooner
"A literally breathtaking archaeological expedition. Spooner and Kaufman prove once again that no one does high-stakes adventure shenanigans like they do."
The Queens of Innis Lear (2018)
(Queens of Innis Lear, book 1)
Tessa Gratton
"Messy, beautiful, and dark, darker than Shakespeare could have dreamed."
Hullmetal Girls (2018)
Emily Skrutskie
"Hullmetal Girls has everything I love in a space opera: deep faith, high stakes, endless questions about humanity, and a cast that shows the best (and less-best) of what we might become."
Seafire (2018)
(Seafire Trilogy, book 1)
Natalie C Parker
"Mastering high seas, high stakes, and high emotions, Natalie Parker gives us a whole host of girls who get the job done and kicks off an adventure to remember."
A Blade So Black (2018)
(Nightmare-Verse, book 1)
L L McKinney
"I loved the 'our world' framing and the 'other world' adventure so deeply. They were at such odds, but the overall effect was just chefkiss.gif perfect."
Damsel (2018)
Elana K Arnold
"A meditation on the smothering uselessness of weaponized kindness, Damsel will have you reaching for the narrative with scale and claw and tooth."
Dragon Pearl (2019)
(Thousand Worlds , book 1)
Yoon Ha Lee
"I was so impressed by DRAGON PEARL. The story is multi-layered, the world construction is impeccable--with an awesome intersection of tech and culture--and it is totally compelling to read. Min's nuanced feelings about her magic, her family, and her fox heritage are marvelously complicated. I loved her, and I know you will, too!"
Internment (2019)
Samira Ahmed
"A testament to what girls are capable of when they are overlooked, Internment is a masterwork of dignity and grit."
Once & Future (2019)
(Once & Future, book 1)
A R Capetta and Cori McCarthy
"Pointedly funny and deftly topical, an effortless Arthurian update with heart in all the right places."
The Devouring Gray (2019)
(Devouring Gray, book 1)
Christine Lynn Herman
"The only thing better than a chosen one is four chosen ones, and the only thing better than four chosen ones is four chosen ones who don't like each other very much. The Devouring Gray takes privilege and legacy by the throat and never lets go."
The Lovely and the Lost (2019)
Jennifer Lynn Barnes
"With brilliant characters and a jaw-dropping mystery, Jennifer Lynn Barnes weaves a thriller as majestic and dangerous as the national park she used for the setting."
Girl, Serpent, Thorn (2020)
Melissa Bashardoust
"The queer, good-monster book of my dreams. I loved this heroine with my entire soul."
This Poison Heart (2021)
(This Poison Heart, book 1)
Kalynn Bayron
"Bayron takes an old story, turns it on its head, and makes it her own with a stunning display of pacing, character, and legacy."
It Ends in Fire (2021)
Andrew Shvarts
"Vicious, insightful, bloody; Andrew Shvarts knows exactly what he's doing."
The Bones of Ruin (2021)
(Bones of Ruin Trilogy, book 1)
Sarah Raughley
"Sarah Raughley proves once again that, like her intricate worlds and wonderful characters, she is a master of decolonization and a force to be reckoned with."
Iron Widow (2021)
(Iron Widow, book 1)
Xiran Jay Zhao
"A primal scream of a book, Iron Widow delivers on all that fury and more, combining meticulous pacing and brilliant world building to make a truly epic read."
Sounding Dark (2021)
(Calpumian Wars, book 1)
Jo Graham
"Jo Graham specializes in writing gloriously epic yet deeply personal science fantasy, and Sounding Dark is the beginning of just my kind of saga: generational, political, magical."
Edgewood (2022)
Kristen Ciccarelli
"Reading this book in a dark forest during a thunderstorm while listening to Folklore was A Choice, and I regret nothing."
Lakelore (2022)
Anna-Marie McLemore
"Lovely and deep, colourful and creeping, perfect magic."
Alone Out Here (2022)
Riley Redgate
"Redgate explores what makes us human and what makes us teens with excruciating precision, revealing the best--and worst--of both. A fast-paced, beautifully put together story of a girl getting it done."

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