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Vanessa Hua is an award-winning journalist and writer, and a columnist for the San Francisco Chronicle. For nearly two decades, she has been writing about Asia and the diaspora, filing stories from China, Burma, Panama, South Korea, Abu Dhabi, and Ecuador. Her fiction has appeared in The AtlanticZYZZYVAGuernica, and elsewhere.

Genres: Horror, Historical, Literary Fiction
   A River of Stars (2018)
   Forbidden City (2022)
   Deceit and Other Possibilities (2016)
   This Side of the Divide (2023) (with others)
Vanessa Hua recommends
Shanghailanders (2024)
Juli Min
"Lyrical and haunting, Shanghailanders explores the enduring mysteries of family. With its inventive structure - the years spooling in reverse, told through rotating perspectives - Juli Min movingly portrays the Yangs and their many seasons of love and loss in a metropolis that perpetually rises, falls, and emerges from the ashes. An extraordinary debut."
The Turtle House (2024)
Amanda Churchill
"Sweeping yet intimate, Amanda Churchill's Turtle House spans cultures and continents. Minnie and her granddaughter Lia are unforgettable protagonists, whose grit and grace will inspire you. Together, they find a way through in this gripping debut."
River East, River West (2024)
Aube Rey Lescure
"Aube Rey Lescure's portrayal of the glitter and grit of China's tumultuous economic rise is by turns luminous and searing. A haunting debut."

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Flash in the Attic (2013)
33 Very Short Stories from Fiction Attic Press
edited by
Michelle Richmond

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