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A pseudonym used by Candace Irving

As a child, Candace believed imagination was everything—and growing up as the daughter of a librarian and a sailor in locales as diverse as Germany and the Philippines, she had more than enough fodder to feed that imagination. As a teenager, she was also certain everyone had a couple extra people running around inside their heads. It was only when her father warned her about people who heard voices—and where they eventually ended up—that she realized this wasn't the case. Candace never had the heart to confess to her father that not only did those people talk to her, they led full-scale lives. Unfortunately, with the publication of her first book, FOR HIS EYES ONLY, dear ol' dad found out anyway.

Genres: Romantic Suspense, Romance
Mission: Undercover
   1. An Unconditional Surrender (2020)
   2. For His Eyes Only (1999)
   3. In Close Quarters (2001)
   4. Just Beyond Reach (2021)

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