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C Courtney Joyner

C. Coutney Joyner is an American author, film script writer, director and an occasional actor. He is also the cousin of actress Allison Mackie.

Genres: Western, Science Fiction
Six-guns and Slay Bells (2012) (with Douglas Hirt, Matthew P Mayo, Cheryl Pierson, Robert J Randisi, James Reasoner, Troy D Smith, Larry D Sweazy and L J Washburn)
The Peacemakers, volume 3 (2013) (with C K Crigger, Matthew P Mayo and Pete Peterson)
Peacemaker Tales (2013) (with Johnny D Boggs, C K Crigger, Wayne D Dundee, James J Griffin, L J Martin, Matthew P Mayo, Rod Miller, Pete Peterson, Cheryl Pierson, Lucia St. Clair Robson, Troy D Smith and L J Washburn)
Tall Tales of the Weird West (2015) (with Grady Cole, Craig Garrett, Axel Howerton, Jackson Lowry, R Overwater, Scott S Phillips and Allan Williams)
Non fiction