Jason June

Jason June is a writer who has always dreamed of being a mermaid. He regularly swims in the lake that he lives on and tells stories to the turtles on the beach. 
If he could have any kind of Sparkle, it would be Shape Shifting Sparkle. When he finally gets that mermaid tail, he hopes it's covered in pink scales.


Genres: Young Adult Romance, Young Adult Fantasy
New and upcoming books
Mermicorn Island
   1. Search for the Sparkle (2021)
   2. Narwhal Adventure! (2021)
   3. Too Many Dolphins! (2021)
   4. Wish Upon a Shark (2021)
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Jason June recommends
The Quince Project (2024)
Jessica Parra
"The Quince Project is the perfect read for anyone who believes in fairy tales! With laughter, lists, and lots of spectacular Disney references, Jessica Parra shows that even if there are serious bumps along the way, you get to shape your Happily Ever After."
The Last Boyfriends Rules for Revenge (2024)
Matthew Hubbard
"A fun, fabulous, and fierce story that proves you can find the best parts of yourself after someone's done you wrong, and there's often no better revenge than doing just that. These Last Boyfriends will leave a lasting impression!"
Skater Boy (2024)
Anthony Nerada
"Anthony Nerada shows, with the perfect mix of punks, bros, and ballerinos, that you can't judge a book by its cover, and that sometimes we have to go through the roughest points of our lives to discover truths about ourselves. Skater Boy had my heart from the jump!"

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