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Aiden Thomas, author of Cemetery Boys, received their MFA in Creative Writing from Mills College. Born in Oakland, California, Aiden often haunted Mountain View Cemetery like a second home during their misspent youth. As a queer, trans Latinx, Aiden advocates strongly for diverse representation in all media. Aiden is notorious among their friends for always being surprised by twist endings to books/movies and organizing their bookshelves by color. When not writing, Aiden enjoys exploring the outdoors with their dog, Ronan. Their cat, Figaro, prefers to support their indoor hobbies, like reading and drinking too much coffee.

Genres: Young Adult Fantasy

Aiden Thomas recommends
She's Too Pretty to Burn (2021)
Wendy Heard
"An anxiety-ridden ride as two girls' lives crash together through secrets, love and danger. There is masterful tension throughout the story as Mick and Veronica's lives pull and tangle together and they find themselves in over their heads and fighting for their lives. I burned through the final 50 pages, desperate to see how it ended and was left with literal goosebumps at the final lines. Captivating and stunningly visual, fans of Lauren Oliver's Panic will love this book and be hungry for more by Wendy Heard."
Blood Like Magic (2021)
(Blood Like Magic, book 1)
Liselle Sambury
"With high stakes, big heart, and lots of Black Girl Magic, Blood Like Magic is everything you love about paranormal fantasy. The fast pace, painfully relatable characters, and incredible generational magic system makes Blood Like Magic unputdownable. Liselle Sambury left me with a massive book hangover that won’t be cured until I get the sequel!"
Darling (2021)
K Ancrum
"Darling is the Peter Pan retelling with the diverse cast and queer representation of your dreams."
Fifteen Hundred Miles from the Sun (2021)
Jonny Garza Villa
"Fifteen Hundred Miles from the Sun is the gay happily-ever-after romance I longed for as a teen! With its fun and refreshing voice, the book depicts a long-distance relationship that is sweet and incredibly authentic for teens nowadays. This book tackles the intense, nuanced struggles queer Latinx kids face with care and compassion. It’s a story of love, hope, and healing that we all need right now."
Jay's Gay Agenda (2021)
Jason June
"The charming, funny, sex-positive book I wish I had read growing up."
The Passing Playbook (2021)
Isaac Fitzsimons
"A big heart of a book about how acts of courage -- both small and large -- can be so empowering. It'll leave readers feeling both loved and hopeful."
The Lesbiana's Guide to Catholic School (2022)
Sonora Reyes
"The Lesbiana's Guide to Catholic School by Sonora Reyes is a story about bravery, love, and so much more. It's about discovering what makes you feel most at home within yourself, and the comfort that comes with sharing those parts with the people you love, even when it's scary. With a sweet sapphic romance and fiercely loyal friends, this book is a warm, protective hug for teens who are fighting to be seen as themselves in a world that wants them to hide."
We All Fall Down (2022)
(River City Duology, book 1)
Rose Szabo
"We All Fall Down by Rose Szabo is a unique dark fantasy where science and magic coexist in an intricate game of cat and mouse. With a diverse cast of characters and prose that is equally gorgeous and haunting, We All Fall Down doesn't shy away from exploring the dark underbelly of society, humans, and creatures alike."
The Witchery (2022)
S Isabelle
"Meet your new favorite squad of witches! The Witchery by S. Isabelle is filled with dark magic, bewitching prose, and enchanting characters. It has everything I love in a book -- badass witches, a kiss of romance, and a touch of horror. Isabelle is powerful new voice in young adult fantasy and this is a debut you do not want to miss!"
Bad at Love (2022)
Gabriela Martins
"An open-hearted exploration of loneliness and love, in both platonic and romantic relationships. Gabriela Martins does a wonderful job of balancing humor, turmoil and an achingly sincere romance against the backdrop of the vibrant LA music scene."
Dauntless (2022)
Elisa A Bonnin
"An epic fantasy mixed with heart-pounding action and a touch of romance, Dauntless will ensnare readers until the very last page. Elisa A. Bonnin's rich world building and gorgeous prose will leave you tearing through chapters. The rich magic, thrilling action and jolting twists will leave you craving more!"
This Is Why They Hate Us (2022)
Aaron H Aceves
"Aceves is a breakout new voice in YA that's equal parts lyrical and hilarious. THIS IS WHY THEY HATE US is an earnest story full of heart and heartache that explores how terrifying it is to share every part of yourself with someone and the complexity of juggling multiple identities. THIS IS WHY THEY HATE US shows us how even though we may feel unlovable, we're all are deserving of love, without stipulations or needing to earn it."
How To Succeed in Witchcraft (2022)
Aislinn Brophy
"This book is captivating, romantic and deeply powerful - it left me wanting more!"
The Whispering Dark (2022)
Kelly Andrew
"Laced with twists and revelations that will stop your heart."

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