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Catherine Doyle was born in the West of Ireland in 1990. She holds a BA in Psychology and an MA in English. As a child she was an annoying smarty-pants with an overactive imagination. She feels lucky to have now found a healthy outlet for her tendency to make up stories. Her debut YA novel, VENDETTA, is the first in a trilogy. The novel takes place in modern-day Chicago, where Catherines mother grew up.

Genres: Young Adult Romance, Children's Fiction
Blood for Blood
1. Vendetta (2015)
2. Inferno (2016)
3. Mafiosa (2017)
Catherine Doyle recommends
The Fandom (2018)
(Fandom, book 1)
Anna Day
"It's already one of my all-time favourite YA reads, and a definite recommendation for anyone in search of something a little bit different."

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