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Zachary Jernigan

USA flag (b.1980)

Zachary Jernigan, typically shaven-headed writer and narrator from Northern Arizona. He has lived in AZ since 1990, with relatively short stints in Utah, Oregon, Maine, and Chile.

His first novel, No Return, is a science fiction/fantasy tale filled with sex, violence, looming middle-age angst, and muscular people in weird skintight costumes (including one capricious god). It came out from Night Shade Books in March of 2013 in hardcover and July of 2014 in paperback. Generous reviews have appeared in a lot of cool places, written by people much cooler than him.

Genres: Fantasy
Zachary Jernigan recommends
Lotus Blue (2017)
Cat Sparks
"A mythic, far-future outback populated by superhuman soldiers, house-sized reptiles, and half-crazed armored vehicles: If that doesn't sound incredible to you, you have no heart. Lotus Blue is the year's most compelling science fiction novel."

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