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Clarence Budington Kelland

UK flag (1881 - 1964)

Kelland produced over sixty novels and nearly 400 short stories in his sixty-one years of writing. Several of his writings provided the basis for motion pictures, radio programs, and television shows. He died February 18, 1964, at the age of 82.

Genres: Children's Fiction
   Thirty Pieces of Silver (1913)
   Into His Own (1915)
   The Hidden Spring (1916)
   Sudden Jim (1916)
   The Source (1918)
   The Highflyers (1919)
   The Little Moment of Happiness (1919)
   Efficiency Edgar (1920)
   Knuckles (1920)
   Youth Challenges (1920)
   Conflict (1922)
   Contraband (1923)
   The Steadfast Heart (1924)
   Rhoda Fair (1926)
   Dance Magic (1927)
   Dance Music (1927)
   Jahala (1927)
   Dynasty (1929)
   Mr. Bundy (1929)
   Hard Money (1930)
   Gold (1931)
   Speak Easily (1932)
   The Great Crooner (1933)
   Arizona (1934)
   The Cat's Paw (1934)
   The Jealous House (1934)
   Dreamland (1935)
   Roxana (1936)
   Mr. Deeds Goes to Town (1937)
   Spotlight (1937)
   Skin Deep (1938)
   Star Rising (1938)
   Valley of the Sun (1940)
     aka Desert Law
   House of Cards (1941)
   Silver Spoon (1941)
   Archibald the Great (1942)
   The Incredible Jeep (1942)
   Sugarfoot (1942)
   Alias Jane Smith (1944)
   Heart On Her Sleeve (1944)
   Land of the Torreones (1945)
   Double Treasure (1946)
   Merchant of Valor (1947)
   Murder For A Million (1947)
   The Red Baron of Arizona (1947)
   This Is My Son (1948)
   The Cosmic Jest (1949)
   Stolen Goods (1949)
   The Great Mail Robbery (1950)
   No Escape (1951)
   The Key Man (1952)
   Tombstone (1952)
   Dangerous Angel (1953)
   Death Keeps a Secret (1953)
   The Case of the Murdered G-man (1954)
   Murder Makes an Entrance (1955)
   The Case of the Nameless Corpse (1956)
   Counterfeit Gentleman (1956)
   The Nameless Corpse (1958)
   West of the Law (1958)
   Where There's Smoke (1958)
   The Lady and the Giant (1959)
   The Monitor Affair (1960)
   Mark of Treachery (1961)
   The Sinister Strangers (1961)
   The Artless Heiress (1962)
   Party Man (1962)
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