Archie Joscelyn

USA flag (1899 - 1986)

aka A A Archer, Al Cody, Tex Holt, Evelyn McKenna, Lynn Westland

Archie Lynn Joscelyn used several pseudonyms: Al Cody, A. Archer, Tex Holt, Evelyn McKenna, Lynn Westland.

Genres: Western
The Golden Bowl (1931)
Eric Hearle, Detective (1934)
The Law Man of Lonesome River (1935)
Prisoner's Valley (1935)
Six Gun Sovereignty (1935)
The Enchanted Park (1937)
Cottonwood Canyon (1938)
Maverick Molloy (1938) (as by Lynn Westland)
King Caysue (1939) (as by Lynn Westland)
King of the Rodeo (1941) (as by Lynn Westland)
Pinto Blood (1941) (as by Tex Holt)
Saddle River Spread (1942) (as by Lynn Westland)
Satan's Range (1942)
Gunsight Ranch (1943) (as by Lynn Westland)
Prentiss of The Box 8 (1943) (as by Lynn Westland)
Trail to Bang-up (1943)
Trail to Montana (1943) (as by Lynn Westland)
Blue River Riders (1944)
Boss of the Northern Star (1944)
Prairie Pinto (1944) (as by Lynn Westland)
Troublesome Cowhand (1944)
Trail of Lost Men (1945) (as by Tex Holt)
California Ranger (1946) (as by Tex Holt)
Death in the Saddle (1946)
Empty Saddles (1946) (as by Al Cody)
Judge Colt (1946)
Long Loop Raiders (1946) (as by Lynn Westland)
The Silver Cayuse (1946) (as by Lynn Westland)
Bitter Creek (1947) (as by Al Cody)
Thunder of Hoofs (1947) (as by Tex Holt)
West of the Law (1947) (as by Al Cody)
Disaster Trail (1948) (as by Al Cody)
Home Range (1948) (as by Lynn Westland)
North from Montana (1948) (as by Lynn Westland)
The Big Corral (1949) (as by Al Cody)
Black River Ranch (1949) (as by Lynn Westland)
The Marshal of Deer Creek (1949) (as by Al Cody)
Point West (1949) (as by Tex Holt)
Silvertip Ranch (1949) (as by Lynn Westland)
Dark Canyon (1950) (as by Tex Holt)
Death's Bright Angel (1950)
Doomrock (1950)
The Lawless Trail (1950) (as by Tex Holt)
Outpost Trail (1950) (as by Al Cody)
Smoky in the West (1950) (as by Al Cody)
Stardance Post (1950)
Sundown (1950) (as by Al Cody)
Texas Red (1950) (as by Lynn Westland)
Valley Ranch (1950)
Doomrock Range (1951) (as by Al Cody)
Forlorn Valley (1951) (as by Al Cody)
Hangman's Coulee (1951) (as by Al Cody)
Maverick Range (1951)
Prairie Pioneers (1951) (as by Lynn Westland)
Red Man's Range (1951) (as by Al Cody)
The Sawbones of Desolate Range (1951)
Shootin' Fools (1951) (as by Tex Holt)
Thunder River Trail (1951) (as by Al Cody)
Trail Rider (1951) (as by Lynn Westland)
Star Toter (1951) (as by Al Cody)
Bad Man's Town (1952) (as by Al Cody)
Forbidden River (1952) (as by Al Cody)
The Golden Stagecoach (1952)
Guns Blaze At Sundown (1952) (as by Al Cody)
Hostage (1952)
The Nightmare Riders (1952) (as by Lynn Westland)
Outlaw Justice At Hangman's Coulee (1952) (as by Al Cody)
Over the Frontier Wall (1952) (as by Lynn Westland)
Riders of Stormhold (1952) (as by Al Cody)
Shooting Valley (1952) (as by Lynn Westland)
The Thundering Hills (1952) (as by Al Cody)
Valley of the Sun (1952)
Canyon Man Hunt (1953)
The Claim Jumpers (1953)
Duel On the Range (1953)
The Gunman (1953)
Powder Burns (1953) (as by Al Cody)
Ride to Blizzard (1953) (as by Lynn Westland)
Texas Outlaw (1953)
Texas Showdown (1953)
Tough Sheriff Jameson (1953) (as by Lynn Westland)
Outlaw (1953) (as by Lynn Westland)
Brand of Iron (1954) (as by Al Cody)
The Dead Ride Hard (1954) (as by Lynn Westland)
The Kempsey Outfit (1954)
Outlaw Holiday (1954)
Renegade Scout (1954)
Trappers' Rendezvous (1954) (as by Al Cody)
Agent Crashaw (1955) (as by Tex Holt)
Guns On the Bitterroot (1955) (as by Al Cody)
The Silver Saddle (1955)
Hired Gun (1956)
The Sundowners (1956)
Whiplash War (1956) (as by Al Cody)
Wyoming Rendezvous (1956)
The Man from Salt Creek (1957)
Bloody Wyoming (1958) (as by Al Cody)
High Prairie (1958)
The Thief (1958)
Cheyenne Justice (1959)
Outlaw's War (1959) (as by Tex Holt)
The Crown (1960)
Gunsmoke Hill (1961) (as by Al Cody)
The King of Thunder Valley (1961)
The Beast of Babylon (1963)
Homestead Range (1963) (as by Al Cody)
Powdersmoke Payoff (1963) (as by Lynn Westland)
Rim of the Range (1963)
This Land Is Mine! (1963) (as by Tex Holt)
Deadman's Gold (1964) (as by Al Cody)
King of Silverhill (1964)
Logan (1964)
Squatter Sovereignty (1964) (as by Al Cody)
Trail of the Innocents (1964) (as by Al Cody)
West from Deadwood (1964) (as by Al Cody)
The Sheriff of Singing River (1965) (as by Al Cody)
Castle Midnight (1966) (as by Evelyn McKenna)
The Renegade (1966) (as by Al Cody)
Saddle River (1966) (as by Lynn Westland)
Vengeance Trail (1966)
Fort Fear (1967) (as by Lynn Westland)
Gun Thunder Valley (1967)
Gunfighter (1967)
Heritage in Powdersmoke (1967) (as by Lynn Westland)
Bushwack Range (1968)
Bushwhack Range (1968) (as by Al Cody)
The Forbidden Frontier (1968)
Rogue's Range (1968) (as by Lynn Westland)
Shannahan's Feud (1968) (as by Al Cody)
Two-gun Vengeance (1968)
Badge of a Marshal (1970) (as by Al Cody)
Dragoon Pass (1970) (as by Lynn Westland)
Freeze-out Creek (1970)
The Guns of Yesterday (1970)
Montana's Golden Gamble (1970) (as by Al Cody)
Trouble At Sudden Creek (1970) (as by Al Cody)
Wagons West (1970)
Son of the Saddle (1971) (as by Al Cody)
Golden River (1971)
Dutchman's Flat (1971)
Trail of the Maverick (1972)
The Outcasts (1973) (as by Al Cody)
Cheyenne Country (1974) (as by Al Cody)
The Coming of the Gunman (1974) (as by Al Cody)
Dallas (1974)
Gunsmoke Holiday (1974)
Iron Horse Country (1974) (as by Al Cody)
Winter Range (1975) (as by Al Cody)
Restless Spurs (1975)
Lost River Canyon (1976)
Kiowa Pass (1976)
The Tail Dies At Sundown (1976) (as by Al Cody)
The Black Rider (1977) (as by Al Cody)
Macnamara's Gold (1977)
Once a Sheriff (1977) (as by Al Cody)
The Fort At The Dry (1977) (as by Al Cody)
West from Abilene (1978) (as by Al Cody)
The Heart of Texas (1981) (as by Al Cody)
Rimrock Vengeance (1981) (as by Al Cody)
Thunder to the West (1984) (as by Lynn Westland)
High Lonesome (1986) (as by Al Cody)
Montana Fury (1986) (as by Al Cody)
The Silent Guns (1987) (as by Tex Holt)
Fighting Kid from Texas (1987)
Broken Wheels (1988) (as by Al Cody)
East to Montana (1988) (as by Al Cody)
A Sky Pilot for Powderhorn (1988)
The Mine At Lost Mountain (1988) (as by Al Cody)
Wyoming Ambush (1989) (as by Al Cody)
Smoke Against the Sky (1989) (as by Lynn Westland)
The Three Mcmahons (1990) (as by Al Cody)
Montana's Territory (1990)
The Ranch At Powder River (1990) (as by Al Cody)
The Man Behind the Star (1990)
Triple Cross Trail (1990) (as by Al Cody)
Return to Texas (1990) (as by Al Cody)
The Texan from Montana (1990) (as by Al Cody)
Flame in the Forest (1990) (as by Al Cody)
Gun Ranch (1990) (as by Al Cody)
Red Gun (1991) (as by Lynn Westland)
Trigger Justice (1991) (as by Lynn Westland)
Gunsong At Twilight (1991) (as by Al Cody)
Oklahoma Law (1991) (as by Tex Holt)
There Were Giants (1992) (as by Tex Holt)
Marshal of Broken Wheel (1992)
Sheriff of Red Wolf (1992)
Trail North (1992) (as by Al Cody)
Legion of the Lawless (1993) (as by Lynn Westland)