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Hiromi Kawakami

Japan (b.1958)

Hiromi Kawakami is a novelist, haiku poet, literary critic and essayist. Her books include Manazuru, Pasuta mashiin y?rei (Pasta Machine Ghosts) and Sensei no kaban (The Briefcase), published as Strange Weather in Tokyo by Portobello Books in the UK. She was awarded the 1996 Akutagawa Prize for Hebi o fumu (Tread on a Snake).

Genres: Literary Fiction
New and upcoming books
June 2024

The Third Love
   Manazuru (2010)
   The Briefcase (2012)
   Strange Weather in Tokyo (2013)
   The Nakano Thrift Shop (2016)
   The Ten Loves of Nishino (2019)
   The Third Love (2024)
   Under the Eye of the Big Bird (2024)
Novellas and Short Stories
   Parade (2019)
Hiromi Kawakami recommends
The Woman in the Purple Skirt (2021)
Natsuko Imamura
"Reading this novel, you can really hear Natsuko Imamura’s unique voice, which comes across quite unsparingly and beautifully."
Touring the Land of the Dead (2021)
Maki Kashimada
"While difficult to pin down, this novel is particularly compelling. This sense of sincerity comes, I think, not from the strength of the emotions put into the novel, but rather from the author’s writing style, and is a credit to her craftsmanship."
The Lonesome Bodybuilder (2018)
Yukiko Motoya
"I could never try to explain Yukiko Motoya's stories. For me, the joy of reading fiction isn't to analyze it, but to feel it in my body. In that sense, her writing offers enormous satisfaction to the sensitive organ inside me that is attuned to the pleasure of reading."

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