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Shannon Kirk is a practicing attorney and law professor in Massachusetts, where she lives with her husband, a physicist and ultra-marathoner, and son, a cat-loving, basketball-playing eleven-year-old. Shannon is a three-time finalist in the William Faulkner Wisdom Writing Competition: 2012 Novel-in-Progress, Heavens (literary fiction, finalist); 2013 Novella, 15/33 (thriller, finalist); and 2014 Novel-in-Progress, The Impossibility of Interplanetary Love (literary fiction, short-list finalist). Prior to moving to Massachusetts, Shannon was a trial attorney in Chicago for ten years. Born in Easton, Pennsylvania, Shannon spent her very early years moving around the country: Texas, Indiana, Massachusetts, Upstate New York, and finally settled to grow up mostly in Raymond, New Hampshire. Her home was an eccentric and loud, although loving, household with ten million pets of dubious origin. Both her parents encouraged pursuits in the arts, often dragging her and her three brothers to flea markets and antique shows, while giving lessons on the genius of Bob Dylan and Santana. Shannon's three brothers are artists: one, a rap/blues musician, another a sculptor, and another a physical therapist with a woodshop. Shannon attended Trinity High School and moved on to West Virginia Wesleyan and St. John's for college. She graduated from Suffolk Law School in 1998, where she is currently an adjunct law professor. When not writing or practicing law, Shannon enjoys creating sea-glass sculptures, painting, and hanging with her family and two cats, Marvin Garcia Marquez and Stewie Poe, named after her writing influences.

Shannon writes in several genres: literary fiction, suspense/thriller, and young adult.

Shannon is a member of International Thriller Writers and Mystery Writers of America.

Genres: Thriller, Mystery
Method 15/33
   1. Method 15/33 (2015)
   2. Viebury Grove (2020)
   The Extraordinary Journey of Vivienne Marshall (2016)
   In the Vines (2018)
   Gretchen (2019)
   Tenkill (2023)
   Nothing Good Happens After Midnight (2020) (with others)
Books containing stories by Shannon Kirk
Infinity (2023)
A Suspense Magazine Anthology
edited by
Catherine Coulter
Both Sides (2020)
Stories from the Border
edited by
Gabino Iglesias

Shannon Kirk recommends
Bishop Rider Lives (2024)
(Bishop Rider)
Hector Acosta and Beau Johnson
"From bad bar keeps getting blown away, to heartbroken moms filling a hole in their heart with the heart of another, to the gruesome slaughter of a wealthy monster - it's all here and more. Bishop Rider Lives is both addictive and chock full of talent whose tales will leave readers ripping through pages and never wanting Bishop Rider's brand of justice to stop. Five stars."
The Little Liar (2024)
Pascale Robert-Diard
"A provocative and important legal novel in which we are challenged to question the victim. The lesson of the novel is a core truth: There may be an allure to moving on by allowing binary deliberations on right or wrong, good or evil, but reality requires layers and layers and overlapping Venn diagrams of nuance."
The Vanishing Season (2017)
(Ellery Hathaway, book 1)
Joanna Schaffhausen
"A twisted story with an unforgettable protagonist and a drop-book-in-lap, sneaky twist that will make you say WOW!"

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