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Gabino Iglesias is a writer, editor, journalist, and book reviewer living in Austin, Texas. He is the author of COYOTE SONGS, ZERO SAINTS (both from Broken River Books), and GUTMOUTH (Eraserhead Press). He is the book reviews editor at PANK Magazine, the TV/film editor at Entropy Magazine, and a columnist for LitReactor and CLASH Media. His nonfiction has appeared in places like The New York Times, the Los Angeles Review of Books, the LA Times, El Nuevo Día, and other venues. The stuff that's made up has been published in places like Red Fez, Flash Fiction Offensive, Drunk Monkeys, Bizarro Central, Paragraph Line, Divergent Magazine, Cease, Cows, and many horror, crime, surrealist, and bizarro anthologies. When not writing or reading, he has worked as a dog whisperer, witty communications professor, and ballerina assassin. His reviews are published in places like NPR, Vol. 1 Brooklyn, Criminal Element, The Rumpus, Heavy Feather Review, Atticus Review, Entropy, HorrorTalk, Necessary Fiction, Crimespree, and other print and online venues. He teaches at SNHU's MFA program. You can find him on Twitter at @Gabino_Iglesias.

Genres: Horror

   Surreal Worlds (2015) (with Max Booth III, Bruce Boston, Tom Bradley, Michael Griffin, R A Harris, Rhys Hughes, Chris Kelso, Sean Leonard, Thomas Logan, John Palisano, Dustin Reade, Carter Rydyr, Steve Rasnic Tem, Daniel Vlasaty, Andrew Way and Wol-vriey)
   Gutmouth (2012)
Gabino Iglesias recommends
Untamed Shore (2020)
Silvia Moreno-Garcia
"Silvia Moreno-Garcia's UNTAMED SHORE is a treat: the first thriller from a seasoned writer. This is a superb hybrid that's part classic whodunit, part sad love story, and part smart, pulpy noir packed with smiling snakes, a touch of mythology, and a strong female lead that's caught between her immediate reality and her dreams of escape, all inside the hermetic, oppressive hell of small-town gossip and oldfangled morality. This is a novel about greed, murder, and snowballing peccadilloes that moves forward with the power and grace of a shark. Don't miss it."
City of Margins (2020)
William Boyle
"Crime fiction usually stays within the confines of the genre, but Boyle breaks away from those restrictions."
Of Mice and Minestrone (2020)
(Hap and Leonard Collections)
Joe R Lansdale
"Of Mice and Minestrone is the last bit of connective tissue missing from the Hap and Leonard Mythos, which is one of the most entertaining series in modern literature. This book, which deals with abuse, friendship, violence, growing up, race, food, and justice, is full of the wit that's made Lansdale a star."
The Southland (2020)
Johnny Shaw
"Great frontera fiction, full of strong women, grief, hope, love, pain, humor, and a critique of our immigration system. It's also devoid of nonsense and white saviors. This is a novel about people chasing the American Dream and finding a nightmare, and Shaw's gigantic heart screams for change in every page."
The Queen of the Cicadas (2021)
V Castro
"In the age of phony fiction, V. Castro is the voice of authenticity; una voz que lucha por la igualdad. Dark, atmospheric, sexy, and dangerous, her fiction brings readers her unfiltered Latinx essence and a unique pulpy flavor. Her work matters. Read it."
Midnight, Water City (2021)
(Water City Trilogy, book 1)
Chris McKinney
"Midnight, Water City is futuristic crime reinvented. A weird, smart blast of sci-fi noir, this narrative places readers in constantly shifting terrain. Politically engaged, environmentally conscious, and packed with action, this novel shows an all-too-plausible future. Chris McKinney has arrived, and his mixture of classic genre themes and innovation make his distinctive voice one that demands attention."
Manhunt (2022)
Gretchen Felker-Martin
"Manhunt is a celebration of trans people and a literary blitzkrieg against TERFocracy. Timely and necessary, this is extreme horror that says something. Listen to it."
Ghost Eaters (2022)
Clay McLeod Chapman
"Ghost Eaters is one of those rare horror novels that have everything: a dash of humor, real life demons, complex characters, a heavy dose of the supernatural, and the kind of ending you never forget. This is high-grade horror, and Clay McLeod Chapman is the real deal."

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