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BECA LEWIS always wanted to be a writer, but there were a few pit stops along the way. She has been a dancer, teacher, stockbroker, financial planner, club dancer (read this any way you wish), waitress, web designer, headhunter (the civilized kind), and a diamond broker to just name a few.

All this while trying to be a decent mother to three kids, a step-mother to five more, and a grandmother to the five, almost grown, best-looking grandchildren in the world. All these experiences are the perfect fodder for book writing!

Beca's non-fiction Shift Series covers the system she developed and has coached for over twenty-five years. At this point, she is going to claim there is no time, so she doesn't have to think about age. She'll show you why you don't have to either in this practical and inspirational series.

Beca's fiction Karass Chronicles explores stories around the concepts of other dimensions, love that transcends time and space, and where good always triumphs over evil. Within very complicated lives of course. All set in a town where she wants to live herself and hopes you would too.


Genres: General Fiction
New and upcoming books
February 2024

Almost Innocent
(Ruby Sisters, book 5)
Stories From Doveland
   0. Karass (2017)
   1. Pragma (2018)
   2. Jatismar (2018)
   3. Exousia (2018)
   4. Stemma (2018)
   5. Paragnosis (2019)
   6. In-Between (2021)
   7. Missing (2021)
   8. Out Of Nowhere (2021)
Return to Erda
   0. The Experiment (2020)
   1. Shatterskin (2019)
   2. Deadsweep (2019)
   3. Abbadon (2019)
Chronicles of Thamon
   1. Banished (2020)
   2. Betrayed (2020)
   3. Discovered (2020)
   Wren's Story (2020)
Ruby Sisters
   1. A Last Gift (2022)
   2. After All This Time (2023)
   3. And Then She Remembered (2023)
   4. As If It Was Real (2023)
   5. Almost Innocent (2024)
Non fiction
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