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Patricia Highsmith

USA flag (1921 - 1995)

aka Clare Morgan

Patricia Highsmith was born in Fort Worth, Texas in 1921 but moved to New York when she was six. In her senior year she edited the college magazine, having decided to become a writer at the age of sixteen. Her first novel Strangers on a Train, was made into a famous film by Alfred Hitchcock in 1951. Patricia Highsmith died in Locarno, Switzerland in 1995. Her last novel Small g: A Summer Idyll was published posthumously just over a month later.

Genres: Mystery
Non fiction
Anthologies containing stories by Patricia Highsmith
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Short stories
The Bravest Rat in Venice
The Day of Reckoning
Harry: A Ferret
The Snail Watcher
Woodrow Wilson's Neck-Tie
The Terrapin (1962)
The Quest For Blank Claveringi (1964)
Please Don't Shoot the Trees (1976)
The Pond (1976)
Moby Dick II; or The Missile Whale (1987)
The Mysterious Cemetery (1987)
Nabuti: Warm Welcome to a UN Committee (1987)
No End in Sight (1987)
Operation Balsam; or Touch-Me-Not (1987)
President Buck Jones Rallies and Waves the Flag (1987)
Rent-a-Womb vs. The Mighty Right (1987)
Sixtus VI, Pope of the Red Slipper (1987)
Sweet Freedom! and a Picnic on the White House Lawn (1987)
Trouble at the Jade Towers (1987)

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