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Christy Lefteri was born in London in 1980 to Greek Cypriot parents who moved to London in 1974 during the Turkish invasion. She completed a degree in English and a Masters in creative writing at Brunel University.

Genres: Literary Fiction, Historical
Christy Lefteri recommends
The Witches of Vardo (2023)
Anya Bergman
"An intricately woven, timeless novel about prejudice, misogyny, freedom and the power and strength we can find within."
Peach Blossom Spring (2022)
Melissa Fu
"I absolutely adored this novel about love and war, migration and belonging. . . . During moments of deep sadness and loss, there is also beauty - the beauty of enduring love, of identity, of hope. Melissa Fu portrays the time, the culture, the place and the struggles of this family so vividly, with nuance and color and life. Her writing is subtle and powerful, it stays with you, it follows you like the smell of the peach blossoms, it evokes emotions and questions and enlightens you. This is such a stunning achievement!"
The New Girl (2021)
Sinéad Moriarty
"A story about friendship, hope and courage … I loved it and couldn’t put it down!."

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2020 Nielsen Bestseller Award for Fiction - Gold : The Beekeeper of Aleppo

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