Mark Leslie

Genres: Science Fiction

   Very Merry Christmas Bundle (2016) (with Ron Collins, Dayle A Dermatis, Diana Deverell, Robert T Jeschonek, Mindy Klasky, Anthea Lawson, Kristine Kathryn Rusch, Rebecca M Senese and Dean Wesley Smith)
   Night Cries (2017)
   Books Gone Bad Bundle (2018) (with Kevin J Anderson, Dawn Blair, Dayle A Dermatis, Robert T Jeschonek, DeAnna Knippling, Karen McCullough, Kate MacLeod, Kristine Kathryn Rusch and Ryan M Williams)
   Snowman Shivers (2019)
   Ode to Classics (2020)
   Before, During, and After: How the Flare Ended the World (2020) (with L A Beckett, Zach Bohannon, Philip Carroll, Lori Drake, Tory Element, James R Essien, Jason Hanley, JP Rindfleisch IX, Chrishaun Keller-Hanna, Sam Korda, Sheila McQuaid, Christy Moceri, Kevin Partner, R J Spears, J Thorn, C R Vine, Dean M Watts and Christopher R Wills)
   Nobody's Hero (2020)
   Dark Shadows (2020)
   Strange Sudbury (2020) (with Sean Costello and Scott Overton)
   Too Macabre for Montreal (2020) (with Shayna Krishnasamy)
   Literary Haunts (2021)
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