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Canada (b.1951)

Sean Costello was born in Ottawa, Ontario in 1951, a very long time ago. He grew up in a neighbourhood called 'The Glebe' in a time when Brylcreem ruled and cars were two-tone and built to last. He spent the sixties in buffalo-hide sandals and bell-bottom jeans, playing drums and dreaming of becoming the next John Bonham. He still listens almost exclusively to the great tunes of that era, and enjoys jamming many of those classic riffs with his son Steve, an extraordinary young guitarist/singer/songwriter. He moved to Sudbury in the summer of '81 with the intention of spending a year practicing anesthesia there, then returning to Ottawa; but he met a cute chick, married her and just...stayed.

His first horror novel was published in 1989 by Pocket Books in the United States. This was followed by two other titles from Pocket in 1990 and '91. His publishing career slowed down considerably after the birth of his son in '92, since, to quote the man, 'Being a dad is the best damn job in the world,' but he still managed to pen a few more tales in the interim.
   Eden's Eyes (1989)
   The Cartoonist (1990)
   Captain Quad (1991)
   Sandman (2000)
   Finders Keepers (2002)
   Squall (2014)
   Here After (2014)
   Last Call (2015)
   Terminal House (2017)
   Capital Yarns (2015)
   Capital Yarns Volume 2 (2018)
   Strange Sudbury (2020) (with Mark Leslie and Scott Overton)
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