A G Macdonell's picture

A G Macdonell

Scotland (1895 - 1941)

aka Neil Gordon

Archibald Gordon Macdonell was a Scottish writer, journalist and broadcaster, whose most famous work is the gently satirical novel England, Their England (1933). Although born in Poona, India, AG Macdonell always considered himself to be a Scotsman above all else.
   The Bleston Mystery (1928) (as by Neil Gordon)
   The Factory on the Cliff (1928) (as by Neil Gordon)
     aka The New Gun Runners
   The Professor's Poison (1928) (as by Neil Gordon)
   Silent Murders (1929) (as by Neil Gordon)
   The Big Ben Alibi (1930) (as by Neil Gordon)
   Body Found Stabbed (1932) (as by Neil Gordon)
   England, Their England (1933)
   The Shakespeare Murders (1933) (as by Neil Gordon)
   How Like An Angel (1934)
   The Autobiography of a Cad (1939)
   Flight from a Lady (1939)
   The Crew of the Anaconda (1940)
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