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Anna McKerrow

Anna McKerrow works on arts projects for the reading charity Book Trust, which is where she became interested in Young Adult fiction. (It wasnt around when she was 15; she went straight from Judy Blume to Jackie Collins). She has also published four volumes of poetry and taught creative writing in adult education for 7 years. She also provides school workshop and book event consultancy to writers and publishers.

Anna is a Pagan, reads the tarot, is a Reiki practitioner, and is a little bit obsessed with stone circles. She believes passionately, like Alan Moore, that creative activities such as writing are a kind of magic in themselves.
   The Fast Heat of Beauty (poems) (2008)
   Taropoetics (poems) (2010)
   Spectral Emphatic (poems) (2011)
   Regressive Poetics (poems) (2014)
   Girls, Girls, Girls (poems) (2019)