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Chris Morphew

Australia (b.1985)

aka H I Larry

Chris Morphew was born in Sydney. He spent his early childhood drawing comic books and writing stories about dinosaurs and time machines. During high school, Chris read a lot of YA science fiction, and his collection of all fifty-four Animorphs books still has pride of place on his bookshelf.

After school Chris did a short stint as a primary school teacher - definitely the second-best job in the world - and then started writing for kids and young adults.

Chris still lives in Sydney and divides his time between writing and casual teaching. He remains a sci-fi junkie to the day, and believes there is no movie so great that it couldn't be improved without the addition of a spaceship.
Phoenix Files
   1. Arrival (2009)
   2. Contact (2011)
   3. Mutation (2012)
   4. Underground (2012)
   5. Fallout (2012)
   6. Doomsday (2013)