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Clayton Matthews

(Clayton Hartley Matthews)
USA flag (1918 - 2004)
Husband of Patricia Matthews

Clayton Hartley Matthews was born in 1918. In late 1950s, he started writing short stories, and continued to collaborate during the decades with the MikeShayne Mystery Magazine. In the early 1960s he published his first eroticnovels, mostly in paperback format. In 1972, he married Patty Brisco, a gothic author, and they moved near San Diego,California. His wife, as Patricia Matthews, became a popular romance writer,called "America's First Lady of Historical Romance", and he also decidedwriting romance novels, including the western romance Moraghan Saga. Heoften collaborated with his wife, first with three romance novels in theearly 1980's and later in the 1990's with the Casey Farrell Mysteries, asuspense series with five books, protagonized by a female member of theGovernor of Arizona's task force on crime. Clayton pased away in 2004, twoyears before his wife.
Moraghan Saga
   1. The Birthright (1979)
   2. The Disinherited (1982)
   3. The Redeemers (1984)
Casey Farrell Mysteries (with Patricia Matthews)
   1. The Scent of Fear (1992)
   2. Vision of Death (1993)
   3. Taste of Evil (1993)
   4. Sound of Murder (1994)
   5. Touch of Terror (1995)
   A Rage of Desire (1960)
   Discontented Wives (1961)
   The Strange Ways of Love (1961)
   Faithless (1962)
   The Promiscuous Doll (1962)
   Sex Dancer (1962)
   Nude Running (1963)
   The Corrupter (1964)
   Dive Into Death (1969)
   The Mendoza File (1970)
   The Nylon Nightmare (1970)
   Bounty Hunt at Ballarat (1973)
   Las Vegas (1975) (with Arthur Moore)
   Hong Kong (1976)
   New Orleans (1976)
   The Harvesters (1979)
   Midnight Whispers (1981) (with Patricia Matthews)
   Empire (1982) (with Patricia Matthews)
   The Big Score (1986)
   The Proud Castles (1986)
   The Power Seekers (1987)
   Death at the Border (1987)
   The Negotiator (1987)
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   Hager's Castle (1969)

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