Patricia Matthews

(Patricia Anne Klein Ernst Brisco Matthews)
USA flag (1927 - 2006)
Wife of Clayton Matthews

aka P A Brisco, Pat Brisco, Pat A Brisco, Patty Brisco, Laura Wylie

Patricia Anne Klein Ernst was born on July 1, 1927. In 1946, she married Marvin Owen Brisco and they lived in Arizona. After they divorced in 1961, she focused on her writing career, becoming a writer of gothic novels. In 1972, she married the writer Clayton Matthews, and they moved near San Diego, California.
When the market forgothic novels softened, she began writing her first romance novels. She published her first historical romance in 1976 under her second marriedname, Patricia Matthews. In the 1970's, she become a popular writer, called "American's First Lady of Historical Romance". She often collaboratedwith her husband. She was a prolific writer of gothic and romantic suspense novels, with over 15 included in the (Revised) Crime Fiction IV under herown name and often pen names. Series character Casey Farrel, at least in one book a female member of the Governor of Arizona's task force on crime,appeared in five books, each in collaboration with Clayton Matthews. She also wrote three books for the Thumbprint Mysteries Series, at the fourth-sixth- and eighth-grade reading levels, yet offer characters, situations, and concerns appropriate for adult readers.

Patricia Anne Brisco Matthews died at 5:30 a.m. December 07, 2006 in thefamiliar house of Brisco in Arizona.
   Harold Jensen's Hope Chest (1959) (as by P A Brisco)
   Horror At Gull House (1969) (as by Patty Brisco)
   Merry's Treasure (1969) (as by Patty Brisco)
   The Other People (1970) (as by Pat A Brisco)
   The Crystal Window (1973) (as by Patty Brisco)
   House of Candles (1973) (as by Patty Brisco)
   The Carnival Mystery (1975) (as by Pat Brisco)
   Mist of Evil (1976) (as by Patty Brisco)
   Love Forever More (1977)
   The Campus Mystery (1978) (as by Pat Brisco)
   Raging Rapids (1978) (as by Patty Brisco)
   Love's Daring Dream (1978)
   Love's Pagan Heart (1978)
   Love's Wildest Promise (1978)
   Love's Magic Moment (1979)
   Love's Many Faces (1979)
   Love's Golden Destiny (1979)
   The Night Visitor (1979) (as by Laura Wylie)
   Too Much in Love (1979) (as by Patty Brisco)
   Love's Sweet Agony (1980)
   Love's Raging Tide (1980)
   Tides of Love (1981)
   Midnight Whispers (1981) (with Clayton Matthews)
   Love's Bold Journey (1981)
   Embers of Dawn (1982)
   Empire (1982) (with Clayton Matthews)
   Flames of Glory (1982)
   Gambler in Love (1984)
   Midnight Lavender (1985)
   Tame the Restless Heart (1985)
   Enchanted (1987)
   Destruction at Dawn (1987)
   Thursday and the Lady (1987)
   Mirrors (1988)
   Oasis (1988)
   The Dreaming Tree (1989)
   Sapphire (1989)
   The Death of Love (1989)
   The Unquiet (1991)
   Rendezvous at Midnight (2004)
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