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C Dean Andersson

aka Asa Drake

Best known as a writer of fiction in the science fiction, fantasy, and horror genres.

Other work: television graphic artist, professional musician in United States Air Force bands, robotics computer programmer, and a technical writer specializing in software documentation for mainframe relational database management systems.

Born in the United States of America, state of Kansas, his childhood in Kansas served as a setting for the novel, Buried Screams, and for several scenes in the novel, Raw Pain Max.
Hel (as by Asa Drake)
   1. Warrior Witch of Hel (1985)
   2. Werebeasts of Hel (1986)
   3. Death Riders of Hel (1986)
Bloodsong Saga
   1. Warrior Witch (2000)
     aka Warrior Witch of Hel
   2. Warrior Rebel (2000)
     aka Death Riders of Hel
   3. Warrior Beast (2000)
     aka Werebeasts of Hel
   Crimson Kisses (1981) (as by Asa Drake) (with Nina Romberg)
   Lair of Ancient Dreams (1982) (as by Asa Drake) (with Nina Romberg)
   Buried Screams (1992)
   I Am Dracula (1993)
   I am Frankenstein (1996)
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Anthologies containing stories by C Dean Andersson
Short stories
Night Watch (1989)
Small Brown Bags of Blood (1994)
The Blood of Othinn (1996)
The War Skull of Hel (1996)

C Dean Andersson recommends
Old Fears (1982)
Ron Wolfe and John Wooley
"A modern masterpiece."
Pit Planet (2003)
David Dvorkin
"Like the great classics by Asimov, Bester, Clarke, and Heinlein, David Dvorkin's Pit Planet is intelligent, thought provoking, exciting Science Fiction entertainment at its finest. . . . a wonderful reading experience. Truly enjoyed it. The sections underground strongly reminded me of the sense of wonder I experienced the first time I read William Hope Hodgson's The Night Land. Cheers for Benton! Pit Planet packs a powerful punch."
Flank Hawk (2009)
(First Civilization, book 1)
Terry W Ervin II
"Grab hold! Ervin's got the magic!"

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