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Ella Maise is an American author of classic romance novels for adults. She is a new writer with only 4 romance titles published so far. She has described herself as an avid reader who loves to use fiction to escape real life.

Although she is a romance writer, she does not plot her books around the sex scenes. She believes that she cannot force the characters in her novels to have sex and waits until the moment is right in her books to let it happen. This means that the books are more concerned with the emotions of her characters rather than being pure erotica. Her books do not follow the same formula like some romance writers’ work. Her novel To Love Jason Thorn is described as a romantic comedy, and was written to make readers laugh at the experiences of the characters. The Alexander & Maya series is much more serious and is more likely to make readers cry.

Ella Maise is a new writer who is yet to be recognised with any awards or prizes. To Love Jason Thorn reached the top 100 due to the recommendations of those who had read Maise’s previous novels. Ella Maise is a fast writer, having had 4 titles published in just over a year. She has said in interviews that it takes her around a month to write the first draft of her novels and another month to polish and edit the book. She is now a full time writer and is planning to write more romance novels.

Genres: Romance
Alexander & Maya
   1. Lost Prelude (2015)
   2. Lost Heartbeats (2015)
   The Hardest Fall (2018)
   Marriage For One (2019)
   Charlie, Love and Cliches (2023)

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