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Chloe Liese

Chloe Liese writes inclusive romance because she believes everyone deserves a love story. Portraying underrepresented experiences, her romances embrace humor, heart, and heat, with a dash of nerdiness for good measure. She's an avid reader, lover of leggings, and can't eat enough mint chocolate ice cream. In early 2019 Chloe received the diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder (formerly aligned with Asperger’s Syndrome). She is a vocal proponent and supporter of #OwnVoices writing to represent ASD and other marginalized voices.


Genres: Romantic Suspense

Chloe Liese recommends
Weather Girl (2022)
Rachel Lynn Solomon
"As slow-burn hot as it is achingly heartfelt, Weather Girl reminds us that we deserve to love and be loved for who we truly are, rain or shine."
A Brush with Love (2022)
Mazey Eddings
"Tenderly written and oh-so-sexy, A Brush with Love brims with emotional depth, whip-smart banter, and sizzling chemistry. This OwnVoices romantic comedy completely stole my heart."
Love in the Time of Serial Killers (2022)
Alicia Thompson
"Smart, clever, and slow-burn steamy, Love in the Time of Serial Killers is a fresh, lovable rom-com that tackles facing our fear of not only the worst life can bring but the very best and being brave enough to take a chance on love."

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