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Jack McSporran is the bestselling author of the Maggie Black thriller series. Before putting pen to paper, Jack earned a degree in business and worked in the mind-numbing finance industry. Now, free from the shackles of a normal job, Jack spends his days daydreaming and writing stories, along with being the founder and creative director of the story studio, Inked Entertainment.

When not writing, Jack enjoys travelling for inspiration, always on the lookout for the ideal setting for his next novel. Jack lives in a small town in Scotland and loves the constantly cold weather. To learn more about him, join his free VIP Reader's Club and gain access to exclusive content and giveaways.

Genres: Thriller
Maggie Black
   1. Kill Order (2017)
   2. Hit List (2019)
   3. Payback (2020)
Maggie Black Case Files
   1. Vendetta (2017)
   2. The Witness (2018)
   3. The Defector (2018)
   Dead Awake (2019)
   The Girl Who Got Away (2021) (with J A Leake)
   I Know You Killed Them (2024) (with J A Leake)
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