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I worked as a writer for years before finally striking it out on my own with the Jason Trapp thriller series. I’ve been lucky enough to travel the world, which is great for plot, setting and character inspiration! When not writing, you can find me hiking, skiing in the mountains, or simply horizontal on the couch.

Fans of Clancy, Ludlum and Flynn will love the fast-paced style of writing, along with the scarily real scenarios explored in the books, and Trapps’s never-say-die response to ever more challenging situations.

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Genres: Thriller
New Books
December 2023

Dust Storm
(Jason Trapp Thriller, book 9)
Jason Trapp Thriller
   0. Hangman (2020)
   1. Dark State (2020)
     aka Deep State
   2. False Flag (2019)
   3. Flash Point (2019)
   4. Depth Charge (2020)
   5. The Apparatus (2021)
   6. Black Eagle (2021)
   7. Valley of Death (2022)
   8. Hand of God (2022)
   9. Dust Storm (2023)
Blake Larsen
   1. In The Dark (2023)
   2. She Lies Here (2023)
   3. Among the Pines (2023)
   4. A Loose End (2024)
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Novellas and Short Stories
   Then They Came (2022)

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