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Kay L Moody

Kay L Moody is proud to be a young adult fantasy author. Her books feature exciting plots with a few magical elements. They have lots of adventure, compelling characters, and sweet romantic sub-plots. Most of her books have a dystopian flair. They include a variety of technology levels and lots of diversity in characters.

Kay lives in the western United States with her husband and four sons. She enjoys summertime, learning new things, and doing her nails.

Kay has been writing for years, and in 2018, finally decided it was time to publish. She loves books because they provide an escape from the world. She writes so that her books can provide both entertainment and edification. She believes that no matter how difficult life gets, a happy ending is never permanently out of reach.

   Dark Horizons (2019) (with A W Cross, V S Holmes, Kathrin Hutson and O E Tearmann)
   Realms of Fae and Shadow (2020) (with Clarissa Gosling, Alison Ingleby, Valia Lind, Tessonja Odette, Joanna Reeder, Hanna Sandvig and Stacey Trombley)
Kay L Moody recommends
The Scarlet Rose (2021)
(Skazka Fairy Tales, book 1)
Valia Lind
"Let's just say I was sold right from the start. This was such a delightful read with lots of magic and all the feels."

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