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Margaret McPhee

Margaret McPhee was always reading her gran's romance novels from an early age and wrote her first love story at primary school, much to her teacher's disapproval. Most of her childhood was spent as a pirate aboard a ship tree, as a highwaywoman upon an invisible horse or, when she got a bit older, being rescued by a handsome prince. She was usually imagining when sheshould have been busy doing other things! And when she wasn't imagining she was reading.Margaret lives with her husband on the West Coast of Scotland. When not writing She's enjoy cycling, walking along the shore, and tea and cakes.

Genres: Historical Romance, Romance
   Sex Across the Ages (2007) (with Denise Lynn and Lyn Randal)
   Christmas Wedding Belles (2007) (with Nicola Cornick and Miranda Jarrett)
   Regency Christmas Weddings (2008) (with Nicola Cornick and Miranda Jarrett)
   Regency Pleasures and Sins Part 1 (2011) (with Louise Allen, Diane Gaston, Julia Justiss, Juliet Landon and Christine Merrill)
   Regency Debutantes (2011)
   Wicked in the Regency Ballroom (2013)
   A Sprinkling of Christmas Magic (2013) (with Elizabeth Rolls and Bronwyn Scott)
   Regency Collection 2013 Part 1 (2013) (with Louise Allen, Helen Dickson, Anne Herries, Deb Marlowe and Christine Merrill)
   Four Regency Rogues (2014) (with Sylvia Andrew, Annie Burrows and Mary Nichols)
   Harlequin Historical September 2014 - Bundle 1 of 2 (2014) (with Lynna Banning and Sarah Mallory)
   Regency Society (2014) (with Helen Dickson, Diane Gaston, Anne Herries, Sophia James, Marguerite Kaye, Ann Lethbridge, Amanda McCabe, Sarah Mallory, Christine Merrill, Michelle Styles and Gail Whitiker)
   Regency Society Collection Part 2 (2014) (with Helen Dickson, Marguerite Kaye, Ann Lethbridge, Michelle Styles and Gail Whitiker)
   A Magical Christmas (2014) (with Michelle Celmer, Sarah Morgan, Elizabeth Rolls, Bronwyn Scott and Cathy Williams)
   Historical Romance - The Best of the Year (2015) (with Louise Allen, Helen Dickson, Diane Gaston, Blythe Gifford, Anne Herries, Sophia James, Ann Lethbridge, Denise Lynn, Sarah Mallory, Carole Mortimer and Janice Preston)
   Harlequin Historical February 2015 - Box Set 1 of 2 (2015) (with Kelly Boyce and Laura Martin)
   Love Affairs (2015) (with Louise Allen, Caroline Anderson, Fiona Harper, Carol Townend and Scarlet Wilson)
   Regency Pride and Passions (2015) (with Louise Allen, Elizabeth Beacon, Diane Gaston, Isabelle Goddard, Anne Herries, Carla Kelly, Ann Lethbridge, Amanda McCabe, Sarah Mallory, Christine Merrill and Carole Mortimer)
   A Regency Captain's Prize (2016)
   Regency Affairs Part 1 (2016) (with Lucy Ashford, Annie Burrows, Diane Gaston, Julia Justiss, Ann Lethbridge, Sarah Mallory, Carole Mortimer, Bronwyn Scott and Michelle Styles)
   The Regency Season Collection (2017) (with Louise Allen, Mary Brendan, Ann Lethbridge, Sarah Mallory and Carole Mortimer)
   The Regency Season: Gentleman Rogues (2017)