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Rebecca Mascull

aka Mollie Walton

Rebecca Mascull lives by the sea in the East of England with her partner Simon and their daughter Poppy.

Genres: Historical
Rebecca Mascull recommends
The Farm at the Edge of the World (2016)
Sarah Vaughan
"Sarah Vaughan's beautifully-written second novel establishes her as a compelling storyteller, weaving the two strands of Cornish farming past and present into an honest, visceral love story."
Charlotte (2020)
Helen Moffett
"I loved this book. Fans of Pride and Prejudice will find this a worthy and engrossing companion, beautifully written. Feminist in nature, without ever lecturing the reader, it is an intimate and honest account of a woman's struggles and strengths, painting a vivid picture of female life in the nineteenth century. I always felt Charlotte Lucas and Miss de Bourgh had hidden depths that Austen's story did not have time to explore, so this is a satisfying and compelling addition to the Austen world."

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