Anthony Nuttall

UK flag (1937 - 2007)

aka Alan Allyson, Michael Bardsley, Spencer Curtis, Anthony Lenton, Grant Tracey, Lee Trench

Genres: Mystery
Donald Martin (as by Michael Bardsley)
   Murder for Sale (1970)
   Murder On Ice (1972)
   Hit It Rich (1972)
   Caught in Terror (1969) (as by Michael Bardsley)
   Murder On Fire (1969) (as by Michael Bardsley)
   Murder Beat (1971) (as by Anthony Lenton)
   Hot End of the Stick (1971)
   Step Into Murder (1971) (as by Spencer Curtis)
   A Bird in the Hand (1972) (as by Lee Trench)
   Dynasty of Doom (1972) (as by Alan Allyson)
   Don't Mess with Murder (1972) (as by Alan Allyson)
   Murder City (1972) (as by Anthony Lenton)
   Picture of Murder (1972) (as by Spencer Curtis)
   A Pistol At My Head (1972)
   The Paradise Conspiracy (1972) (as by Grant Tracey)
   Do You Deal in Murder? (1972) (as by Alan Allyson)
   It Adds Up to Trouble (1972)
   Call it Murder (1972) (as by Grant Tracey)
   The Lady Said No (1972) (as by Alan Allyson)
   Take-away Girl (1973) (as by Grant Tracey)
   Bright As a Diamond (1973) (as by Alan Allyson)
   The Chinese Doll Affair (1973)
   The Ventilated Head (1974)
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