C M Nascosta

C.M. Nascosta is an author and professional procrastinator from Cleveland, Ohio. She’s always preferred beasts to boys, the macabre to the milquetoast, the unknown darkness in the shadows to the Chad next door. She lives in a crumbling old Victorian with a scaredy-cat dachshund, where she writes nontraditional romances featuring beastly boys with equal parts heart and heat, and is waiting for the Hallmark Channel to get with the program and start a paranormal lovers series.
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Genres: Paranormal Romance

Series contributed to
Monsters in Love
   2. Lost in the Dark (2022) (with Nova Blake, Clio Evans, Opal Fairchild, Vivienne Hart, Dee J Holmes, YD La Mar, Evangeline Priest, Atlas Rose and S J Sanders)
   3. Lost in the Forest (2023) (with Ashley Bennett, Nova Blake, Elle Cross, Clio Evans, Opal Fairchild, Vivenne Hart, Dee J Holmes, Kathryn Ann Kingsley, YD La Mar, Evangeline Priest, Atlas Rose, S J Sanders and Vera Valentine)

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