William Newton

(William Simpson Newton)

aka Francis Donaldson, Gilroy Mitcham, Spike Morelli, Macdonald Newton, Gene Ross

Genres: Mystery
   Death for a Doll (1952) (as by Spike Morelli)
   Sorry for You, Beautiful (1952) (as by Gene Ross)
   This Way for Hell (1952) (as by Spike Morelli)
   The Full Stop (1957) (as by Gilroy Mitcham)
   The Man from Bar Harbour (1958) (as by Gilroy Mitcham)
   The Dead Reckoning (1960) (as by Gilroy Mitcham)
   Uncertain Judgement (1961) (as by Gilroy Mitcham)
   To Have and to Hold (1963) (as by Macdonald Newton)
   A Slice of the Cake (1978)
   If the Price is Right (1979)
   The Night We Get Rich (1979)
   Someone Has to Take the Fall (1979)
   The Smell of Money (1980)
   You Can Deal Me in (1980)
   Nothing Is for Free (1980)
   The Set-up (1981)
   It Never Comes Easy (1981)
   Death is for Losers (1981)
   Way to Get Dead (1982)
   The Rio Contract (1982)
   Don't Hold Your Breath (1983)
   You Can Go Feet First (1984)
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