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Hannah Whitten has been writing to amuse herself since she could hold a pen, and sometime in high school, she figured out that what amused her might also amuse others. When she's not writing, she's reading, making music or attempting to bake.

Genres: Fantasy
New Books
March 2023

The Foxglove King
(Nightshade Crown, book 1)
Hannah Whitten recommends
The World Gives Way (2021)
Marissa Levien
"Infinite in scope yet intimately told, The World Gives Way is a meditation on justice, mortality, and the power of connection both in the face of crisis and in the everyday mundane. A stunning debut from an author to watch."
The River Has Teeth (2021)
Erica Waters
"Soft and seething, with an undercurrent of longing and rage, THE RIVER HAS TEETH is the perfect story for anyone who is tired of feeling helpless. This book has teeth, too."
Small Favors (2021)
Erin A Craig
"Full of beasts, bargains, and blood, Small Favors is a folk horror tale that feels like a classic but is utterly fresh. Sweet, dark, and complex as wildflower honey."
A Dark and Starless Forest (2021)
Sarah Hollowell
"A Dark and Starless Forest seamlessly blends eerie magic with real-world sensibility for a story that feels both classic and utterly new. Sarah Hollowell is an amazing new voice in contemporary fantasy."
Crossbones (2021)
(Kingdom of Bones, book 1)
Kimberly Vale
"Fresh, fun, and perfect for anyone who was obsessed with Pirates of the Caribbean, Vale delivers a hell of a ride with Crossbones. Get ready to be swashbuckled."
A Rush of Wings (2021)
Laura E Weymouth
"Fierce, lush, and lyrical, A Rush of Wings feels simultaneously like a story passed down through ages and something entirely new. A must-read from historical fantasy's best."
A River Enchanted (2022)
(Elements of Cadence, book 1)
Rebecca Ross
"With lush worldbuilding and lyrical prose, A River Enchanted feels like the echo of a folktale from a world right next to our own."
Tripping Arcadia (2022)
Kit Mayquist
"Gory and glittering, Tripping Arcadia is a classic in the making, effortlessly modernizing the gothic in a way that feels both fresh and timeless. Mayquist is a novelist to watch."
Wild and Wicked Things (2022)
Francesca May
"Brimming with romance and gilded with danger, Wild and Wicked Things is a heady, lyrical gem of a book."
An Arrow to the Moon (2022)
Emily X R Pan
"An Arrow to the Moon is a beautifully crafted blend of mythology and modern love story, full of stunning prose, characters who feel achingly real, and magic lurking just behind the ordinary. One of my new favorites!"
The Blood Trials (2022)
(Blood Gift, book 1)
N E Davenport
"With a high-octane sci-fi setting, a twisty murder mystery, and a badass heroine, THE BLOOD TRIALS is a damn good time."
The Hacienda (2022)
Isabel Cañas
"As romantic as it is terrifying, The Hacienda is a lush, atmospheric read that never pulls any punches. Horror fans, fantasy fans, and romance fans will all find something to love here."
The Path of Thorns (2022)
A G Slatter
"A delightful sinister fairy tale."
The Song That Moves the Sun (2022)
Anna Bright
"An epic play of past and present that comes together in a haunting melody about healing hurt and finding home. Absolutely beautiful."
This Vicious Grace (2022)
(Last Finestra, book 1)
Emily Thiede
"Remixing all the best parts of a dark fantasy and a romantic comedy, This Vicious Grace is a wonderfully fun time from start to finish, with lush, complex worldbuilding, intensely relatable characters, and relationships that are easy to root for."
The Book of Gothel (2022)
Mary McMyne
"Both gently and fiercely told, The Book of Gothel is a sweeping, sharp story of how history twists into fairytale and back again."
Violet Made of Thorns (2022)
(Violet Made of Thorns, book 1)
Gina Chen
"Violet Made of Thorns is a sharp, witty story told in an unforgettable voice, taking classic fantasy tropes and changing them into something totally new, original, and remarkable."
Wake the Bones (2022)
Elizabeth Kilcoyne
"Seething with shadows, summer, and uniquely southern magic, Wake the Bones is a powerful debut that captures the ache of home being a place you simultaneously love and loathe."
The Make-Up Test (2022)
Jenny L Howe
"Insightful, inclusive, and incredibly fun, The Make-Up Test is an absolute delight from beginning to end. Jenny Howe is a romance writer to watch."
Strike the Zither (2022)
(Kingdom of Three, book 1)
Joan He
"Filled with twists and turns, STRIKE THE ZITHER is a meticulously plotted, supremely satisfying story that explores identity, legacy, and loyalty in unexpected ways. This is Joan He's best yet."
The Whispering Dark (2022)
Kelly Andrew
"THE WHISPERING DARK seethes with forbidden romance."
The Ones We Burn (2022)
Rebecca Mix
"The Ones We Burn is a fierce story of healing, told with teeth bared. Romantic, brutal, and hopeful, it marks Rebecca Mix as a writer to watch."
Nocturne (2023)
Alyssa Wees
"Richly imagined and heartbreakingly told, Nocturne is a lush gothic romance that will dance you dizzy."
Where Darkness Blooms (2023)
Andrea Hannah
"A fierce modern fairytale exploring the bonds of sisterhood in all its forms, WHERE DARKNESS BLOOMS is harrowing and hopeful."
Wildblood (2023)
Lauren Blackwood
"A lyrically told story of healing after trauma and finding home, Wildblood is as fierce as it is beautiful, and as hopeful as it is heartbreaking."

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