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Ava Reid was born in Manhattan and raised right across the Hudson River in Hoboken, but currently lives in Palo Alto, where the weather is too sunny and the people are too friendly. She has a degree in political science from Barnard College, focusing on religion and ethnonationalism. She has worked for a refugee resettlement organization, for a U.S. senator, and, most recently, for an AI robotics startup. The Wolf and the Woodsman is her first novel.

Genres: Horror, Fantasy

Ava Reid recommends
The Frozen Crown (2021)
(Warrior Witch Duology, book 1)
Greta Kelly
"A gripping, intricate tale of court intrigue with no shortage of thought-provoking questions about power, morality, and identity. Askia is a strong-willed yet vulnerable and utterly human character that will linger in readers’ hearts and minds long after they turn the final page."
A Lesson in Vengeance (2021)
Victoria Lee
"A smart, layered, thought-provoking thriller about female desire and the intimacy of violence."
Daughter of the Moon Goddess (2022)
(Celestial Kingdom Duology, book 1)
Sue Lynn Tan
"A sparkling debut, epic but intimate, about love and sacrifice and hope in the face of despair. At its center is a protagonist who is flawed but full of heart--I dare you not to be entranced by this magical book."
A River Enchanted (2022)
(Elements of Cadence, book 1)
Rebecca Ross
"An alluring and rich tale, at once a fast-paced mystery and a love story as warm as a hearth. Like music, it will bewitch your senses, carrying you to the wind-swept hills and effervescent waters of the isle of Cadence. A River Enchanted made me homesick for places I've never been. This is a classic in the making."
A Far Wilder Magic (2022)
Allison Saft
"Tender, intimate, and atmospheric, yet written with a taut propulsion that bewitches and compels you, A Far Wilder Magic is unlike anything on the YA shelf. Wes and Margaret are by turns charming and infuriating, drawn together by a shared desire to find their home in a bewildering and forbidding world. With devastatingly gorgeous prose, intricate worldbuilding, and an utterly original plot, Saft weaves a love story that will tear you apart and then stitch you whole again."
Kaikeyi (2022)
Vaishnavi Patel
"A lyrical and evocative retelling, full of power and grace, which brings forward a traditionally maligned woman of myth. A spellbinding debut."
Wrath Goddess Sing (2022)
Maya Deane
"A bold, shining tapestry, weaving a bloody tale of war, birthright, and divinity with a tender story of longing, identity, and love. Epic and triumphant."

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