Jake Ozga

Genres: Horror, Fantasy
Series contributed to
Warhammer Horror
   12. Invocations (2019) (with David Annandale, Ray Cluey, Lora Gray, Justin D Hill, Nick Kyme, Peter McLean, Steven Sheil, Richard Strachan and C L Werner)
   14. Skull Throne (2019)
   Aberration (2021)
   The Accursed (2021) (with David Annandale, James Brogden, Ray Cluley, Peter Fehervari, Justin D Hill, Darius Hinks, Nicholas Kaufmann, Phil Kelly, Jude Reid, Steven Sheil and Richard Strachan)
Warhammer (with Lora Gray, Darius Hinks, Nick Kyme, Graham McNeill, Steven Sheil and Richard Strachan)
   The Harrowed Paths (2021)

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