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Saliee O'Brien

(Frankie-Lee Griggs Janas)
USA flag (1908 - 2002)

aka Marie Eyre, Francesca Greer, Stuart Jason

Frankie-Lee Griggs Janas was born 19 November 1908 in Appleton City, Missouri, the daughter of Benjamin Franklin Griggs and Lillian Maud Bremer. She later moved to Austin, Texas where she met and married Thurlow B. Weed, Jr. They were later divorced, and she and her son Thurlow B. Weed III moved to Hollywood, Florida. There she remarried to Leroy Zelley, whom she outlived, and later married newspaper editor Eugene Janas. Frankie-Lee (Griggs) Janas died 15 February 2002, and was buried next to her husband in Hollywood Memorial Gardens.

Her first publication was a short ghost story that was printed in her hometown newspaper when she was 12 years old. Her final book was "Cayo", a historical fiction set in Key West, Florida, and published in 1983.

Genres: Historical
Black Lord, Black Master (as by Stuart Jason)
   1. Black Prince (1972)
     aka Black Lust
   2. Black Lover (1972)
   3. Black Emperor (1976)
   Farewell the Stranger (1956)
   Too Swift the Tide (1960)
   Black Hercules (1969) (as by Stuart Jason)
   Kingblood (1969) (as by Stuart Jason)
   Royal Stud (1970) (as by Stuart Jason)
   Black Lord (1971) (as by Stuart Jason)
   The Bride of Gaylord Hall (1971)
   The Presence (1972) (as by Marie Eyre)
   Return to Gravesend (1972) (as by Marie Eyre)
   The Absence (1973) (as by Marie Eyre)
   Beelfontaine (1974)
   Bury Me Not at Sea (1974) (as by Marie Eyre)
   The Omen (1974) (as by Marie Eyre)
   Blackgable Inn (1975) (as by Marie Eyre)
   Royal Master (1976) (as by Stuart Jason)
   Night Of The Scorpion (1976)
   Shadow of Caravan (1978)
   So Wild The Dream (1979)
   Bayou (1979)
   Captain's Woman (1979)
   First Fire (1979) (as by Francesca Greer)
   Blood West (1980)
   Black Ivory (1980)
   The Second Sunrise (1981) (as by Francesca Greer)
   Cajun (1982)
   Bright Dawn (1983) (as by Francesca Greer)
   Cayo (1983)
   Blood Slave (1983)
   Creole (1983)
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