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Yolanda Olson is a USA Today Bestselling and award-winning author. Born and raised in Bridgeport, CT where she currently resides, she usually spends her time watching her favorite channel, Investigation Discovery. Occasionally, she takes a break to write books and test the limits of her mind.

Genres: Romantic Suspense, Paranormal Romance

   21 Years of Jane (2014)
   Beautiful Deception (2015)
   Hollow (2015)
   Monica Rising (2015)
   8 Days For Salvation (2016)
   Bones (2016)
   Milk and Honey (2017)
   Where Sleeping Gods Lie (2017) (with Summer's Eve Editing)
   Otter's Toy Box (2017)
   Wrong Side of Heaven (2017)
   anatomy (2018)
   The Lies Between Us (2018)
   Death Blooms (2018)
   Invictus (2018)
   Abattoir (2019)
   The Beast of Bondi Beach Duet (2019)
   A Brush with the Devil (2019)
   After Dark (2019)
   Scorched (2020) (with Jennifer Bene)
   The Salvation of Kora (2021)
   Primaveral (2022) (with BL Mute)
   Wretched (2022) (with Emery LeeAnn)
   Evan (2022)
   Mimic (2022) (with C A Rene)
   Mercy Layton (2023)
   Salace (2023) (with K J Larsen)
   Hellraiser (2023)
   Birds of Prey (2023)
   Deluge (2023)
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   Forbidden (2020) (with Michelle Brown, Abigail Davies, C L Matthews, C M Radcliff, Alexandra Silva and J M Walker)
   Malediction Codex (2020)
   Girls Night (2020) (with Honey Chanel, A A Davies, Dee Garcia, Jason Hes, Petra J Knox and Ally Vance)
   Aftertaste (2021) (with A A Davies)
   Coerced (2022) (with Persephone Autumn, Stevie J Cole, Abigail Davies, Nichole Greene, Dana Isaly, LP Lovell, Isabel Lucero, A D McCammon, BL Mute, S Rena, C A Rene, Ally Vance and J M Walker)
   A Foster Fling (2022) (with Jordain Knolls, YD La Mar, Selena Michaels, Lucid Quill, C A Rene and Ally Vance)
   Chronicles of The Damned (2022) (with Maeve Black, R E Bond, C E Lashua, BL Mute, C A Rene, H R Savage, Helen Scott, Salem Sinclair and Suki Williams)
   Twist Me (2017) (with Elizabeth Cash, Destiny Hawkins, Reagan Hollow, Virginia Johnson, Erin Lee, Emery LeeAnn, Carissa Ann Lynch, P Mattern, Alana Melos, Ellie Midwood and Erin Trejo)
   When the Dark Wins (2018) (with Eris Adderly, Jennifer Bene, Zoe Blake, Michelle Brown, Addison Cain, Dani René and Cari Silverwood)
   Just Breathe (2018) (with Jennifer Bene, Natalie Bennett, Michelle Brown, Anna Edwards, Ashleigh Giannoccaro, K S Marshall, Dani René and Ally Vance)
   Kiss Me, Kill Me (2019) (with Elizabeth Cash, Ashleigh Giannoccaro, Jason Hes, Virginia Johnson, Petra J Knox, K J Larsen, Ellie Midwood and J M Walker)
   Men of Valor (2020) (with India R Adams, N M Catalano, Cole Denton, Anna Edwards, Dee Garcia, Asleigh Giannoccaro, Holly J Gill, Dani René and Catherine Wiltcher)
   Devious Resolutions (2020) (with Jennifer Bene, Zoe Blake, Ker Dukey, Ashleigh Giannoccaro, Emery LeeAnn, LP Lovell, Dani René and K Webster)
   Bad Habits (2020) (with Jo-Anne Joseph, Petra J Knox, Emery LeeAnn, Dani René, Ally Vance and Murphy Wallace)
   Outlaws (2021) (with A A Davies, Cole Denton, Jason Hes, Petra J Knox, Ally Vance and Elizabeth J M Walker)
   A Final Family Affair (2021) (with Jennifer Bene, A A Davies, Cole Denton, Winter Paige, Ally Vance and K Webster)
   Scouts (2021) (with Jennifer Bene, Kamisa Cole, Abigail Davies, Cole Denton, Penelope Douglas, Vicki James, Andi Jaxon, Emery Le, Natasha Preston, Claire C Riley, Shane Starrett, Measha Stone and Samantha Towle)
   These Deviant Ties (2021) (with M C Cerny, Kamisa Cole, Layla Crow, René Van Dalen, Amy Davies, CP Harris, Andi Jaxo, Emma Jaye, Andrea Joy, Laura Lascarso, Andi Rhodes, Alice La Roux, Nero Seal, Amy Thorn and Ally Vance)
   Used and Bound (2022) (with Felicity Brandon, A A Davies, Kelly Kelsey, Demi Lane, YD La Mar, TL Mayhew, Selena Michaels, Vivian Murdoch, Sahara Roberts, Brooke Summers and J M Walker)
   After the Rain (2022) (with J L Campbell, Valentina Cano, M Jameson, Roseyk Klayborn, C E Lashua, Ruby Medjo, Selena Michaels, Salem Sinclair and AJ Wolf)
   Eternally Hers (2022) (with K L Bone, Renee Hewett, Ariel Marie, Isabeau Moon and Tiana Warner)
   Dating Mr. CEO (2023) (with Lola Clarke, Kristie Leigh, Jordana Pearce, Morgan Powell, Nikki Rome, Amy Stephens, Kindra Woods and Ashley Zakrzewski)
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