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Ann Voss Peterson

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Daughter of Carol Voss

Ever since she was a little girl making her own books out of construction paper, Ann wanted to write. So when it came time to choose a major subject at the University of Wisconsin, the only subject she could choose was creative writing. Of course, that wasn't a very practical thing to do. One needs to earn a living. So Ann turned to jobs ranging from proofreading legal transcripts, to working with quarter horses, to washing windows. But no matter what she did for a living, she continued to write the type of stories that captured her heart and fired her imagination. Romantic suspense stories.

In 2000 Ann saw her first novel published by Harlequin Intrigue, and her wide variety of job experience became material for her stories. Since then, she has published sixteen novels and novellas with more on the way. Her books have been honored with many award nominations and wins, including six nominations this year alone!

Now Ann spends her days writing, reading, and enjoying life in her home near Madison, Wisconsin where she lives with her husband, her two young sons, and her Border collie.

Genres: Romantic Suspense, Thriller, Romance, Paranormal Romance

Codename: Chandler (with J A Konrath)
   1. Flee (2011)
   2. Spree (2012)
   3. Three (2013)
   4. Hit (2013)
   5. Exposed (2011)
   6. Naughty (2013)
   7. Rescue (2015)
   8. Fix (2015)
Small Town Secrets: Sins
   1. Lethal (2017)
   2. Captive (2020)
   3. Frantic (2020)
   4. Vicious (2020)
Rocky Mountain
   1. Manhunt (2017)
   2. Fugitive (2017)
   3. Justice (2017)