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Scott Phillips is the author of three of the most highly acclaimed crime novels of recent years. His debut novel, The Ice Harvest, was a New York Times Notable Book of the Year and won the California Book Award, a Silver Medal for Best First Fiction, and was a finalist for the Edgar Awards, the Hammett Prize and the Anthony Award. It is now a major motion picture from Focus Features. Its followup The Walkaway continued his success, with The New York Times calling it "wicked fun."

Genres: Mystery
Series contributed to
Dagger Awards Best Novel nominee (2001) : The Ice Harvest

Scott Phillips recommends
The Western Limit of the World (2005)
David Masiel
"David Masiel has the rare gift of forcing us to stare down the deepest, most appalling flaws in his characters and making us love them anyway..."
Chain of Evidence (2007)
(Peninsula Crimes, book 4)
Garry Disher
"Garry Disher is an old favorite of mine, and it's about time American readers got a shot at him."
Ruins of War (2015)
(Mason Collins, book 1)
John A Connell
"...the best historical crime novel I've read all year. As vivd a sense of time and place as anything by All Furst, a iller as horrifying as any in Thomas Harris, and a central character I'm sure we'll be reading about for years to come."
Hard Times (2020)
Les Edgerton
"Hard Times is the best country noir I've read in a long while. A knife-edged, cold-eyed story of love and hate at their most visceral, it's worthy of a place of pride on the shelf next to William Gay and Daniel Woodrell."
Above the Rain (2021)
Víctor del Árbol
"Above the Rain is an exceptional novel about the present's inability to deny the past, a clear-eyed examination of the cultural clashes in modern Europe. It's also a novel about love, the different kinds thereof and how they offer their own various sorts of healing and redemption."
The Receptionist (2021)
Kate Myles
"Kate Myles’s The Receptionist is a terrific thriller and a mesmerizing character study; I read it faster and with more pleasure than any crime novel I’ve picked up in months."
Just Thieves (2021)
Gregory Galloway
"Just Thieves is at once a brisk caper novel and a deep dive into the motivations that propel all of us, thieves and otherwise - - family, loyalty, and most of all love. Great fun and profoundly sad at once, which is no mean trick."

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