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Margi Preus is a New York Times bestselling childrens book author and playwright. Her first novel for young people, Heart of a Samurai, is a Newbery Honor Book, a recipient of the Asian Pacific American Award for Childrens Literature, and an NPR Backseat Book Club pick. Shadow on the Mountain is a Notable Book for a Global Society, and her newest novel, West of the Moon, has received numerous starred reviews. Her picture books include Celebritrees; Historic and Famous Trees of the World, winner of the 2013 Flicker Tale Award.
Margi served as the artistic director of Colder by the Lake Comedy Theatre for 25 years and with her collaborator Jean Sramek has written hundreds of comedy sketches, a couple of comic operas and dozens of plays for young people and grown ups. When she isnt writing, she likes to ski, hike, paddle or sit quietly with a book in her lap.

Genres: Children's Fiction
   Shadow on the Mountain (2012)
   West of the Moon (2014)
   Village of Scoundrels (2020)
   The Littlest Voyageur (2020)
   Windswept (2022)
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