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Michelle Pennington writes clean, heart-pounding, sigh-inducing romance across multiple genres. She spends her days quoting movies with her husband and making messes faster than her four kids. She also has a cat that her kids call Boots, but is really Hessian Boots, the perfect Regency gentleman, complete with a snowy white cravat. She loves to make magic by stringing words together, but she also creates designer sugar cookies, sings loud in church, and kills too many house plants.

Michelle is an active contributor in the indie and clean fiction writing communities. She is blessed to have the support of her family and amazing friends on this crazy journey, as well as the constant company of the characters who live in her imagination.

Genres: Historical Romance, Young Adult Romance
   Aglow (2011)
   My Bodyguard Summer (2021)
   Be My Ex (2023)
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